Mary Jane’s Exemption?

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

Decriminalizing marijuana has been ongoing since the 1950s. In 2012 Colorado and Washington State took the leap and made an honest woman out of Mary Jane by legalizing recreational steam.

The parasite class is advocating legal marijuana across the board so it could be taxed to pay for healthcare and everything else Socialists/Communists lust after. Their position is nothing more than “Tax everything to pay for everything.”

Individuals are legally entitled to make a certain amount of beer, wine, and whiskey for their own consumption.
Not many American drinkers make their own hooch; so taxation was never a problem for the tax collector. Not so with Mary Jane. Assuming that Mary Jane will get the same personal-use exemption John Barleycorn enjoys, tens of millions of grasshoppers will grow their own (no one knows how many are already into creative gardening). Assuming Mary Jane get the exemption, taxes collected on legal retail marijuana sales will be cut in half.

NOTE: It is not the distillation, it is the bottling that dissuades drinkers from brewing their own not to mention the number of ingredients in alcohol; whereas, marijuana has only one ingredient, nor is there an extraneous expense and labor attached to growing your own.

Mother Nature is the freest labor this side of slavery because she does 99 percent of the work. A flower pot, or a small backyard, is all that is required to grow your own. (I predict the day will come when blue ribbons will be awarded to the best marijuana plant just as one is awarded to the best rose at local flower shows.)

Thirty or forty million grasshoppers, spread across fifty states, growing their own is more than enough to panic the tax collector. Even twenty million gardening-grasshoppers can put a serious dent in alcohol sales; more so if they supply their friends on the quiet. It is logical to assume that a few million will share Mr. Happyweed with family and friends. So long as they are not selling there is not much chance the revenooers will stop them.

Even if the government levies hefty fines on miscreants, the expense involved in catching and prosecuting every weed-whacker who shares his crop would defeat the purpose. And can you image nine or ten million grasshoppers demanding jury trials!

Now that Mary Jane went straight I would like to see how the courts deal with the personal-use issue? It will be a kick listening to anti-tobacco moralists singing a different tune when they have to get behind legal steam for tax purposes?

You gotta love this one:

Progressives successfully banned smoking in public places now they have to champion smoking sunshine.

The usual debates that surrounded legalization throughout the “dry years” always avoided one very important question: When will dirty little moralists learn they cannot legislate good behavior anymore than they can legislate love? Their first attempt was in effect from 1920 to 1933.

Although there is no constitutional amendment prohibiting the manufacture, transportation, and sale of addictive drugs, the XVIII Amendment serves as a beacon shining on what not to do. Prohibition was an attempt to legislate the behavior of law-abiding citizens as opposed to prohibiting murder, theft, and so on.

The XVIII Amendment was such a disaster it stands as the only Amendment ever to be repealed, and it was repealed a mere 13 years after it was ratified. Those 13 years gave the country organized crime, and corrupt government officials on every level. The Volstead Act was enforced, although not effectively, resulting in an army successful gangsters like Al Capone.

NOTE: Today’s Drug Cartels have been operating for so long they now use military tactics to maintain their incomes. Just think what Mafia Dons would have accomplished if they had 40 or 50 years instead of 13.

The grasshopper theme song:

cannot compare to these drinking songs:

Watering holes are an integral part of the culture not to mention the huge amount of money spent on barroom decorations, etc.

I do not have the breakdown on beer, wine, and hard liquor, but I am fairly certain that the hard stuff is primarily consumed by customers in taverns. A look at the beer aisle in supermarkets tells me that beer consumed at home, etc., is probably a fifty-fifty split with taverns/restaurants.

Discounting a small number of closet drinkers social intercourse is in play even if one goes to a tavern and sits alone. On the other hand, the only companionship involved in blowing steam is blowing steam. In short: Drinking is wrapped in social mores, smoking grass is not, and never will be, a group activity.

I believe that alcohol sales will be hit hard because grasshoppers do not have to do their smoking in bars. If tens of millions grow their own they will not be welcomed in “Pot Bars” anymore than tipplers can bring their own booze into drinking establishments.

I cannot see private parties in homes just to smoke a joint or two; at least not on a large scale. Smoking pot is not a social-gathering type activity. Grasshoppers get behind a little steam whenever the mood moves them; whereas, ordinary drinkers do not pull out a hip flask and take a pull whenever and wherever they need a fix.

Follow the money

The price for one store-bought joint is already going through the roof. Compare that cost against a flower pot, a little water, and a quarter acre of dfirt, and it is only a matter of time before “How To Grow” books will outnumber diet books on bookstore shelves.

Finally, the Brits went too far:

To dig, or not to dig? That's the latest question.​

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