Mass killings reach record high in US in 2019

Jun 2013
1. The US suffered more mass killings in 2019 than any year on record, according to researchers.

A database compiled by the Associated Press (AP), USA Today and Northeastern University recorded 41 incidents and a total of 211 deaths.

Mass killings are defined as four or more people being killed in the same incident, excluding the perpetrator.....

2. One common feature of the Hong Kong protests is the disgraceful ways the protesters embrace the US -- just like crying children hugging their long-lost father. By the way, there is a Chinese idiom, "Regarding a bandit as one's father." While their leaders went all the way to the US to lick Uncle Sam's boots, the protesters sang the US national anthem, waved the US flags, wrapped them around their bodies, hugged the US flags disgustingly in the Trumpian way, wore masks with the design of the US flag, or cried for Trump and other US politicians to “save” Hong Kong. :)

When it comes to the crunch one fine day, will the US accept their application for political asylum? Unfortunately, because of the Chinese name for America -- "The Beautiful Country" -- quite a number of Chinese, including the Hong Kong protesters, still have the misconception that the US is a heaven on earth.

In contrast, the Japanese have a more realistic view of the US because of their bitter history with America. Medieval Japan was forced to open up to the US Empire by a squadron of US warships commanded by Commodore Matthew C. Perry that entered Uraga Bay in July 1853. Since then, Japan has been pushed or kicked around by America. No wonder the Japanese name for America is not "The Beautiful Country" but "The Rice Country" instead.

If those Hong Kong protesters are allowed to settle in the US one day, will they find the utopia of their dream? They would be shocked to find that “homelessness in the US has increased nearly 3% in 2019”. In fact, Donald Trump has been condemned for “vile and reprehensible” tweets that trivialize America’s homelessness crisis in an attempt to rebuke the woman whose "fake teeth are falling out of her mouth".

Once they are allowed to settle in the US, will those Hong Kong protesters, like other disillusioned dream chasers, give rise to more mass killings there?