Matthew Whitaker Hearing

Dec 2018
During Friday’s House Committee hearing, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) spent a good deal of time trying to pry information from acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about immigration policy and what the hell made-up crime information the president seemed to be working from. At the very end of her time, she asked this very simple question: “Did you ever create, direct the creation of, see, or become aware of the existence of any documents relating to pardoning of any individual?”
That was a pasionate part of the hearing. Escobar was not playing around.
Apr 2013
La La Land North
I heard that Whitaker admitted that the vast majority of illegal drugs enter the US through ports of entry at the hearing.
May 2018
I liked that a Democratic Congressman told how Whitaker bilked veterans out of their life savings with a scummy conman/Trump style deal. Got it all on the Congressional record what a corrupt sack of crap Whitaker is. Whitaker got all huffy and the Congressman reminded him who was running the show :D

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