Maybe Socialism is just who you are trying to benefit

Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
You follow a figure that was, for the most part, invented by men.

No, a God that became man.. I guess you haven't got the message

So what have you done for your fellow man lately. I loved the Hospital you said was atheist, that was created by a Catholic Diocese in the name of Christ.
Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
It is fascinating to read brainwashed Americans drivelling - really takes me back to when I was arguing with the Stalinists. As you must know beneath all the brainwashing, socialism can only be control by the only class that challenges your thieving masters - the working class. or vast majority. Only people on drugs believe that capitalist governments who happen to be in competition with their own masters are somehow NOT capitalist.
Well, if you define socialism as “the state owns and controls major portions of the economy,” then yes, absolutely. A lot of people say that China is communist in name only and is actually more capitalist than the US, but I don't agree. I think there are two things that make China seem more capitalist than it actually is: