Mayor Gavin Newsom bemoans Democratic process

Feb 2007
Los Angeles
To paraphrase Newsom:

"Traditional marriage has been restored - WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT"

S.F. Mayor 'Hopeful' Gay Marriage Ban Won't Last

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ― San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom says he's frustrated that voters approved a measure banning same-sex marriage in California, but says he's hopeful the ban won't endure.

Newsom says he's optimistic because only 52 percent of voters favored Proposition 8, compared with 62 percent of voters who favored a ban on same-sex marriage in 2000.

Speaking to reporters in his office, the mayor says he sees hope in "the millions and millions of Californians who said it's wrong to take rights away from people."

The loss was a political defeat for Newsom, who's been one of the most prominent advocates of same-sex marriage. He says the effect on his gubernatorial aspirations is "trivial" and "irrelevant." - S.F. Mayor 'Hopeful' Gay Marriage Ban Won't Last

May 2008
He shares the hope of many on this board, then. And anyone who is for treating people decently and not as second class citizens regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation are with him on that.