Media Bias Is Big Money

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Put Ryan Girdusky in perspective.


A look at the media bias against Kavanaugh

Democrats exploiting Christine Blasey Ford made networks and local channels hundreds of millions tax of deductible advertising dollars filling up time between product commercials. Revenue television would not have raked in had Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing ended before Democrats pounced.

Ann Coulter had it right when she said “It’s the media running the Country.” Move the cursor to 0.300:


Ann Coulter on left's meltdown over Kavanaugh allegation

Ergo! Media running the country is the same as saying Democrats run the country irrespective of an elected Republican majority. That is why lying Democrats do not care how cruel and vicious they behave on-camera. That is also why President Trump calling out “fake news” has everyone on the Left eating anxiety pills like popcorn. The Donald’s declaration of war demands a look at the history of fake news and its many tentacles.

Product commercials reported as news is the father of fake news. Over the years, I saw numerous product commercials disguised as news. This is one of my favorites: “Scientists say that drinking a glass of wine a day MIGHT reduce the risk of heart attacks.” If that was true I would have a heart like a Timex watch that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.’ I can only guess at how much vintners paid for the advertising.

I was 13 years old when I saw Magic Town. I knew back then that polls were a hustle. Little did I know how far polling would go on television. In my dotage I realize that James Stewart (1908 - 1997) was the father of polling.

Call this a paraphrase if you must, but I call it an update:

There are four kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics, and polls.​
Having updated Mark Twain, or whoever said it first, I must confess that I consider a poll the word of God whenever it confirms my opinion.

Radio and motion pictures constituted mass communications before television. With that in mind, I believe that Magic Town was a major income boost for poll-takers. Magic Town reached a large audience; convincing many that opinion-polling was reputable.

NOTE: “Opinion-Polling” was Stewart’s failing business in the movie. (Imagine naming a business Opinion-Statistics!)

Professional polling organizations never use “Opinion” in their titles. It is the Gallup Poll, the Quinnipiac Poll, the CBS Poll, the FOX News Poll, and so on.

So why replace the word statistics with the word polls since poll results are expressed as statistics? One answer is that the word statistic has long been associated with lying, while the word poll was scrubbed clean by television.

Another answer is that mass communications brought big money to polling. Big money requires a squeaky-clean image especially in politics; whereas, manipulating statistics for a limited audience in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries did not pay tens of millions tax dollars every year.

Political polls favoring one party or a candidate are good examples of advertising reported as news. The result of a poll is not news. A poll is a manufactured press release that can fly under the “hard news” radar screen. Voters making a decision formed by polling results reported as news is still one of the most lucrative sources of income media moguls have even though Hillary Clinton failed to cash-in on fake news.

NOTE: The brightest jewel in the fake news crown is United Nations press releases reported as hard news.

The press never engineered a train wreck so they could report the carnage (at least not yet). Political polls are always engineered with an agenda in mind. Pollsters are not the engineers. Pollsters are professional killers; they will not whack anyone until somebody pays them for the hit.

Parenthetically, 100 senators run for election over 6 years —— 435 representatives run every two years. Winners AND LOSERS advertise. Television rakes in billions of advertising dollars every six years. That does not include the money television gets from state and local elections. My best guesstimate says that television pockets a TRILLION political advertising dollars every 12 years. And they get it for doing nothing more than sell the filth in government. If a majority of Americans purchased medicine as poisonous as the Clintons, and the Chicago sewer rat, the parasites in television would be the only people left alive.

Incidentally, a substantial chunk of political advertising money is spent on presidential elections. In addition to political ads, ask yourself “Who the hell is paying for all of the campaign lies filling up the air time in-between product advertising?”

Polls done by newspapers and TV networks are so unbelievable they are beneath the dignity of the most partisan journalist.

There is no doubt that the MSM is an organ of the Democrat party. MSM-initiated polls would have the public believe that a TV network or a newspaper or a magazine would pay for a poll —— then report a result that helps Conservative Republicans win elections.

Bottom line: Because of television’s power of persuasion caveat emptor is all but obsolete. Tens of millions of television addicts believe the lies told in product advertising; so what are the odds they are smart enough to see through the government’s political polls told by expert propagandists?

Finally, government/media selling a totalitarian ideology in bits and pieces as hard news crossed into the danger zone decades ago, yet no one fought to stop the government from using tax dollars to advance the Socialist agenda that most Americans abhor. No religion —— except Socialism —— could get away with the same thing. Ask yourself this: How many Americans would stand still for it if Muslims, or Jews, or Roman Catholics, or Buddhists were given tens of millions of tax dollars every year to do the same thing Democrats do on television every day in order to move the country closer to totalitarian government?
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