Message for Trump supporters

Aug 2019
Albuquerque, NM
Oh seriously---GROW UP. And you can start by avoiding the word FAKE, which is exactly the idiocy of Trump.

Anything he doesn't like is "FAKE": the news is fake, the dossier was fake, the Russian interference and investigation were fake, the impeachment was fake, the testimony of the witnesses was fake. When people criticize Trump THEY TOO are fake. When the media reports a quote or shows a video of TRUMP SPEAKING---that's fake. When we are shown the TEXT of a Trump statement--that's fake.

So to answer your question. The Steele Dossier existed and who originated the search? A Republican! A conservative billionaire bankrolled the work of Simpson's and Fritsch's company, Fusion GPS. If you recall, there were MANY Republicans who opposed Trump....until they didn't. By that time Christopher Steele had begun the investigation---the real investigation--so Simpson and Fritsch pitched the investigation to the DNC and they said "keep digging".

AND BTW, our intelligence agencies were already investigating Carter Page, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopoulos. Manafort was somewhere in the mix and suddenly ALL THESE guys were WORKING for a presidential candidate. Was that FAKE? Should that have been investigated? Trump and Russia? Page, Flynn, Papa and Manafort---all Russian/American actors and all working for TRUMP?
You bet your sweet ass.
It's called possible crime(s) in PROGRESS. So the intel agencies investigated. AND now the Trump-Russia Boys have been indicted--all of them---except Trump.

AND here's something else to chew on. The Steele dossier didn’t start “many months” (Ratcliffe's accusation) before the FBI launched its counterintelligence investigation. Glenn R. Simpson of Fusion GPS testified to Congress that he hired Steele in May or June 2016, asking Steele to “find out about Donald Trump’s business activities in Russia.” The first of a series of memos from Steele was dated June 20, 2016, and Simpson said he would have received it “within a couple days” of that date. That’s one month before the FBI counterintelligence investigation began.

So, YES. The Dossier is real. It is not fake. It was a hard-copy document that turned into a nightmare for this country and turned some relatively decent, honest, moderate Republicans into Forever Trumpers---which eventually they will regret till their dying day.
Also, to the dishonest people, just because someone paid for a service, doesn't mean the company will only give them information, or cook up fake information. That company would be toast, because there business is to provide good opposition research. And by the way, their oppo research was good, as it lead to tons of indictments and convictions, and proven to be accurate. It's really so pathetic when right wingers try to play that.