Mick Jagger has broken his silence on politics to slam the US President for ‘tearing apart’ America

Aug 2019
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it's always neat when the trumpers whine about hollywood types talking politics,
when they themselves voted for a b-rate reality tv show host with no political experience to run the country
They are such a joke. I'm loving it, they can't hide their hypocrisy, yet they keep doing it. They are a joke, and have zero credibility. Wait until the next dem and they try to criticize that president for doing things Trump actually did time and time again.

The best thing about Trump is pointing a giant light on what most of us already knew, right wingers are assholes
Dec 2016
That's the best of Nuggie.

He sucked. If you've ever played lead, you know why he sucks, something about hand position and the lack of movement.

The Stones were a creative band up until and very slightly after Brian Jones died. Then, they became a sex and drugs band. Later, they became a live performance band, and now, they are a wonder, like, how did they survive in such good shape? :)

They did some of their most innovative stuff ironically on the Their Satanic Majesties Request album.

I can mostly agree, except that the Stones were vaulted way above other bands who were much more creative and had better musicians. I don't want to sidetrack, but this is obviously part of the capitalist tradition that only values what sells/not what is real quality.....regardless of the product!

It's worth noting that there are so many great musicians who never gain widespread support...let alone make any money, that musicianship isn't really how we're deciding greatness when it comes to music. The Beatles would be a prime example of this, because none of the Fab Four were Great musicians compared to so many others around them. That's part of the reason why they became a studio band and didn't want to play more concerts in spite of all the money being thrown at them. But,there was just some magic they found in the recording studio with all the new equipment that was coming out in the late 60's that took other musicians a little longer to figure out how to get the most out of it.

I don't think it's just fawning over the good old days as so many are prone to do that makes me consider that late 60's to early 70's as the golden age of rock music that will not be repeated after the corporate music industry started taking back control in the 80's and after corporate mergers have turned pop music into a bland, sterile product that marketing departments consider to have the best sales potential, the near future is just a continued deluge of software-written songs, arranged and assembled on digital tracks that are compressed so that volume and dynamics will make the song indistinguishable from the rest of the crap played on Spotify or some other bullshit aggregator.....and oh yes, the vocals are auto-tuned even when performed live, so even the worse singer sounds perfect! So the only new music I actually like are indy bands and artists who are so determined to go their own way that they're willing to live a life of poor, travelling musicians as long as they can hold on!

And yes, the Nuge was given way more cred than he ever deserved because he never turned down interviews and always had outrageous things to say. All I know is a lot of my friends who I figures should have known better, were sucked in by Nuge's tough guy act.
When it comes to his playing, he got attention in his teens for having such good phrasing and ability to sustain notes. fwiw I was never a Hendrix fan...who everyone ranks number one, because I found his playing just pure acrobatics...he made it all about playing fast and reaching impossible chords. Anyway the problem with Nugent is that by the later 70's, when he's at his heights of popularity, he hasn't grown as a musician or even as a guitar player....still doing the same act to this day!

I guess it's because they're coming up to the 50th anniversary of their groundbreaking album: Court of The Crimson King, that King Crimson comes to mind as one of many records played on the radio back when I was first starting to pay attention, that really caught my interest...even though I was only 12 years old at the time and none of my friends could understand why I wanted to save my money to buy the album.

Too bad that the band broke up and started going through lineup changes after the first album! They really came together in 1969 with something truly amazing and....like the Beatles and so many others, the sum of their parts afterwards never equaled that first effort! Too bad that some surviving member (likely Robert Fripp) keeps having it pulled off Youtube every time it's posted. For some reason, they leave this popular live version alone:

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
The Beatles never claimed to be the greatest musicians alive. They were songwriters and singers. And their songs are superlative and their vocals sublime. No group has put out the volume of extraordinary songs as The Beatles.
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