Money and Debt

Feb 2007
pensacola_niceman said:
This is a very interesting video on how money is "created." It's 47 minutes long, but if you watch the first 15 minutes, you should get the jist of it. I personally was shocked when I watched it.

OpposingDigits Vlog » Blog Archive » Money As Debt

That was definitely an interesting video.

Thank you for posting it.

Perhaps I aught to start burying gold and other materials of real transferable value in my back yard?
Nov 2012
when a bank lends money for a commercial purpose money is created, but because the money created is supported by a general increase in wealth by what the money was used for there's no damage to the general pool of money.

when the government creates money arbitrarily as is going on now with "quantitative easing", this is a disaster in the making.
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Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
Money is debt when it is not backed by hard currency..

That is why a dollar bill is a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.. it is a promesary note to the federal reserve from the US.. and we pay intrest to the FR on each and every dollar created in FR Notes.
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May 2014
no, you don't bury in your back yard. You can easily have to abandon your back yard. Just ask Randy Weaver or the Waco Survivors. you put a little here and a little there. in sealed plastic containers, flat ones are easily slid under the sod near a gravestone, while you "tend the grave". It's just the work of a few seconds with a knife. Then you memorize the name on the stone, and tell a trusted person the name of the CEMETARY but not the name on the stone. tell them that you left something there, but not what. tell them that it's centered on the stone and about 2 ft toward the feet of the dead guy. They can find it easily, by probing with a knife. tell them that i's a flat box, 1/2" thick 2" wide, 4" long. So they'll have an idea what's what. but don't tell them how much is in it. some bullion gold coins, a few of them 1/10th oz, the rest 1 oz, should do fine. have several caches, some of them just out in the woods, well above any flood plain. use the "one time pad" to encode the GPS numbers for where it is, and also rig a physical way to find it. Like driving a couple of nails into a couple of trees, with strings attached to both. where the strings cross, dig. :)
Feb 2014
I clicked on the link and got frightening messages about a computer problem with windows and a terrible noise. I am not clicking on it again, and regret I can not view it.

This link explaining how banks make money out of thin air worked for me, and it is short.

This is fun. This link makes it even easier to understand why debt is a good thing.

This link is another good explanation with more details.

Oh please, if you haven't do so yet, get a student loan and improve our GNP. Thank you.
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