More Numbers Leaked From Embarrassing Trump Internal Poll; Trump Fires Pollster

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
More state numbers have leaked from the Republican internal poll that showed Donald Trump losing in nearly all swing states, several by very large margins.

The Poll was taken March 13-28 and was so upsetting to Trump that he ordered aides to lie about it.

The Trump campaign is “cutting ties with some of its pollsters”, supposedly for leaking the numbers, but more likely because it produced numbers that Trump did not like.

Normally, 10 week old polls don’t merit so much attention, but this is a poll the Trump campaign paid for and is described as “expansive” so it is presumably more comprehensive than the usual poll sponsored by a news organization.

The campaign apparently polled various Democratic candidates, but since Joe Biden polled the strongest against Trump, those are the numbers that have leaked.

Bottom line numbers have not been leaked for every state, so some states only have margins. Supposedly, 17 states were polled, and we now have some numbers from 12 of them.
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The numbers reported from the poll by ABC News on 6/14 vary from these numbers in some states, but they all look very bad for Trump.

The polling data, revealed for the first time by ABC News, showed a double-digit lead for Biden in Pennsylvania 55-39 and Wisconsin 51-41 and had Biden leading by seven points in Florida. In Texas, a Republican stronghold, the numbers showed the president only leading by two points.

All recent state polls with various Democratic candidates are at:

For reasons that can only be guessed at, Donald Trump is in an especially foul mood this weekend. That has manifested itself primarily as ever-escalating attacks on the free press, repeating in multiple tweets charges that the "Corrupt News Media" is "without doubt, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!"

Among his attacks, Trump accused the New York Times of committing a "virtual act of Treason" in reporting that the United States is increasing "Cyber Attacks on Russia," adding in a second tweet: "ALSO, NOT TRUE!"

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It again needs to be said that this is not normal or acceptable behavior. Using the office of the presidency, Trump has maintained a steady campaign of rhetoric accusing the free press—specifically, whatever outlets have last published stories on him and his presidency that he doesn't like—of being the "enemy" of the nation, charges that continue to stoke violence against political journalists. At best, he does not appear to care that this targeting of the press is resulting in violence; at worst, that is his intent.

This continues to be a betrayal of his office, and his apparent inability or unwillingness to restrain himself continues to be plain evidence that he is dangerously unfit.

His idle musing that perhaps "the people" might "demand" that he remain president after two terms, however, is yet another manifestation of his narcissistic delusions. In Trump's own mind he is both wildly popular and transcendentally accomplished, able to make America "GREAT" again through sheer force of will; it then stands to reason, he presumes (or, at least, declares) that any reporting to the contrary, in any venue, is a conspiracy against him. He is not right in the head. He is stoking violence, seemingly on purpose. He is manipulating bigotries as means to power; he is using that power primarily for self-promotion and self-enrichment.

It is not normal, it is not acceptable, and as the Republican Party rallies around his delusions and vigorously defends even his provably criminal acts it continues to metastasize into something very close to fascism. Using the office to declare journalists to be enemies of the state is right now, today, doing extraordinary harm to our democracy. Republicans, however, continue to be silent.
Dec 2015
If it wasn't so absurd it would be funny. I love the part about people demanding Trump stay in the WH longer---OMG!
OR as LYZZA would say......OMFG! :lol::lol:
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Dec 2015
It continues to be proven that the right does not care for our democracy, our laws or our constitution. As long as they get what they want, nothing else matters. It doesn't matter how many laws or broken or how many people get hurt.
This has always been about payback for Obama's tenure. ALWAYS. Trump has reversed Obama's decisions. Trump has lied about Obama for years. AND the cult says "YOWZAA, Donny".
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