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Oct 2010
Here's an honestly displayed graph of the temps recorded over the last 40 years, unlike TNV's chart.

His chart only runs from 1997-2014. It exaggerates the x-axis. All of the years since 2014, not on his graph, have been hotter than 2014. His chart uses an inflated temp value for 1998, which makes the graph look like temps have already peaked.

They haven't.
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
Using Google Earth the Potomac River is listed as up to 25 ft above sea level from DC downstream several miles. The Potomac at Quantico is subject to small tidal action. I know this from personal experience having camped on the river across from Quantico.
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Apr 2013
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Lies with statistics

Are you still trying to pedal your weak lie?

The guy who first claimed the hockey stick graph was wrong plainly said from the beginning that the error was a minor methodology item which didn't affect the overall curve. But of course the Koch/Exxon funded iggies exploded and the weak minded did their sheeple thing.

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