More TRump Chaos, War or not? There is no rational answer.

Apr 2013
La La Land North
Hmmm ... the NYT says Patrick Shanahan discussed this. Trump says they didn't. Who to believe?
Mar 2019
I believe their is a strong chance that saudi wants this war and is trying it's best to instigate the usa into action. It looks like the military industrial complex's baby patric and his cohart bolton will do their part in all this. It certainly looks like potus will pull the trigger on this if lawmakers get any closer to the truth that is being covered up on his obstruction of justice.
Looks like the same country and players behind 911 are once again beating the war drums for America.

As far as potus denial of this he has learned that he can say anything he wants to msm with no consequences and if called out he will cry FAKE NEWS.

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