most of the pollution is from 3rd world

May 2018
burning coal, having 10x too many kids and destroying forests, overfishing the ocean, etc. Nothing you can do about them, so why bother the US about it? the only real answer is to skip an entire generation. Sterilize all women of child bearing age, and keep doing so for 20 years. Then, by lottery, allow 10% of women to have ONE kid before they, too, are sterilized. In 60 years, we can reduce the human population by 90% and thus, have them have a CHANCE at living a decent life. 1/4 of the world is trying to live on 1k US per year. half tries to do so on 2k a year. 3/4 is trying on 4k a year. 90% of the world's population doesn't make 10k per year. The poorest bum on the streets in the US is doing better than 3/4 of the world. He can get AC in summer, heat in winter, just by walking into a library or wally's. He can get free wifi, free access to any book ever written, get around very cheaply by bus and bicycle, get free food and medical care, free, or nearly free housing.
Dec 2016
There are real scientists measuring carbon outputs from various sources and can fairly accurately estimate national, regional and even personal carbon footprints.

If you want to make a claim like the 3rd world is destroying the planet, you need to put some numbers out there instead of pulling them out of your ass just to blame the regions of the world that have the least amount of choice about how to live.

Worth noting that the dirty air, water and land in some third world nations is a result of first world countries offloading their pollution and carbon footprints onto poor countries where corrupt despots have already been installed by US and allied nations. It's not like average people living there are offered choices about accepting industrialization!
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Mar 2018
Yes like Trump said "a lot of his buddies are making big bucks in Africa". I am sure they are polluting like crazy, chopping trees, and digging large mines, I mean most of the kids work for peanuts.

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