Ms. McSally Goes to Washington

Dec 2015
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced this morning that Martha McSally will take John McCain's seat in the U.S. Senate. John Kyl’s resignation becomes effective Dec. 31. McSally lost a race for Arizona’s other Senate seat to Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema last month.

Cindy McCain had something to say about this, but after meeting with McSally last week Mrs. McCain must have given her a thumbs up. McSally ran some extremely nasty campaign ads, was disrespectful to the powerful McCain family but finally stepped away from Donald Trump. She lost to Kyrsten Sinema.
Arizona went from a state that had never had a woman rep for the U.S. Senate to TWO very competent politicians but can they work together? I think so.

McSally is a two-term congresswoman who was long considered for the Senate by the state’s GOP establishment. The first female combat pilot, McSally once sued the U.S. military so she would not be required to wear a head covering while stationed in the Middle East. She rose to the rank of colonel in the Air Force before entering politics. She got a taste for it through working for John Kyl’s office as a national security aide.

McSally represented a swing district in Tucson that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She carved out a reputation as a moderate who could win tough elections. That went out the window during her Senate campaign this year.

McSally will have to campaign and run again in two years. The newly purple state of Arizona starts a new chapter.

Arizona governor names Martha McSally to McCain Senate seat
May 2018
I think it's hilarious the amount of contempt being shown to the Arizona registered voters. They voted down McNally less than 2 months ago, and now the Governor is appointing this woman ANYWAY to the Senate?

10 to 1 the voters of Arizona are too stupid to remember when the next election rolls around...
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