Multiple missiles hit airbases in Iraq - we going to war

Dec 2015
Do you believe the bills should be paid in full now or should we just keep borrowing from China, Japan, and other foreign creditors to fund a new Middle Eastern war with Iran? There's over $6 trillion due on the Bush/Cheney Iraq and Afghan wars right now.

Hush now, RB. You know as well as I do that when the GOP borrows, overspends, drives up the deficit--IT'S a-okay.
Fiscal responsibility, ya know? Strictly wrong when the other party does it...just like every other law....just like every other scandal.
Feb 2006
Living proof that no matter what Trump does or says the loons will spin it into something that will insure that their status as loons is secure.
Yeah, We know all about the loons!

Feb 2018
I don't know. Maybe he was waiting for Obama to do it.
No previous president took advantage of several clear opportunities to kill Soleimani because they concluded it would be an assassination of a high-level official and be essentially a declaration of war. Even Israel refused to take him out. ... Better judgement. Trump has none.