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Dec 2018
Lady Gaga: Born This Way (song)

It doesn't matter if you love him or capital h. i. m.

My mamma told me 'he' made me perfect'....

Does it matter if I love him or capital h.i.m?
Mar 2019
United States
When someone claims that they were “born this way” in defense of however they are I feel that it’s an empty claim. Although I do understand that they do not realize this and they really feel and believe this way. But because of sin we are all born with a mind that’s already an enemy of God. We are all “born this way” with thorns in our flesh that give us impure thoughts, lustful desires, envy of others and etc. The works of the flesh make it impossible for any of us to completely obey the law of God. The devil is constantly trying to keep your mind from God’s spiritual truths. Anytime you are presented with the gospel the devil tries to put a veil on your mind to prevent understanding. None of us could ever be perfect because we are still in the flesh. But God loved us enough to send His Son Jesus to pay the penalty for our transgressions with His death on the cross. Because of this His grace covers us and makes up the difference for us not being perfect. If we believe this and accept Him into our hearts then we will receive the Holy Spirit. It is by the sanctification through the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us that we overcome the thorns in our flesh and become closer and closer to His image. This happens daily and it is a life long process. But He can and will remove them if you sincerely seek Him.
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