muslim kills french police chief and wife in front of 3 y/o son

Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
What we want is for our Muslim loving, PC nut job of a President to acknowledge that we have a Muslim, Islamic Jihadi , problem, not a gun problem. If just one of the fancy boys in the Pulse Club had been armed he could have ended the attack, imagine if many of them had concealed carry permits; oh that's right guns are evil, and only bad people use guns.'

P.S. I know you have a gun, so what?
Why are ranting and raving?
What in the fuck does the President of the United States have to do with a tragic incident of terrorism in France?
Can you people not let go of your irrational hatred of the president for just a moment?

Are you talking to me? Have you EVER seen me post anything even close to "guns are evil, and only bad people use guns?"
If you are NOT talking to me and you are NOT responding to my post take your semi-lucid ranting elsewhere.

I was born with a gun. I own numerous firearms.