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Jun 2018
South Dakota
The technology might be bipassable. Why would a owner want to bypass it if his main concern is gun safety?
Mainly because the technology used to make a gun a biometric device is unreliable in stressful situations. Imagine fumbling for the gun in your nightstand and making sure you have your thumb in the spot to be read and then waiting for it to decide if is should unlock. By that time you;fe been rendered inert by an attacker. Even in a situation where you need to draw and fire a concealed weapon the delay and uncertainty is unacceptable.
Here's another unacceptable idea that the gun control nuts in Calif think we should have.
Aug 2019
La Habra, CA
Just have your gun in plain sight sitting right next to your phone. If the kids play with it, they would not be able to fire your gun unless they know how to unlock it. The other issues, no internet, dead battery, could easily be prevented ie have a backup battery for your modem.
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
If you are the owner and your life was in danger, wouldn't you have your firearm already out and ready to fire; like the cops do?
It's three o clock in the morning. You are sound asleep and wake up when yo hear a noise. How long do you have before the bad guys come into your room ?? What if you live in a one bedroom apt ? What if it's a studio that doesn't have a separate bed room ? What if you are traveling and are in a hotel room ? A man with a baseball bat could easily beat you to death before you "unlock" your gun.

As a rule I don't leave a round chambered in my automatics. Maybe I'm being over cautious. Even then I worry if in certain circumstances I would have enough time to pull the slide and get a round in the chamber. Having to stop and get my cell phone to unlock the gun means the gun is nothing more than a club. Might as well have a baseball bat.
Aug 2019
La Habra, CA
Gun enthusiasts could have any upgrade imaginable and the weapon could still legal; just as long as it also had the SGI technology.
May 2019
I support gun registration. That way the law abiding gun owner should not have to worry about stupid stuff like this and the gun owners who unlawfully straw purchase and sell firearms to people who should not have them get caught.

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