My Theory on Drug Addiction

Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
And where did I claim that was verbatim?

Are you so desperate to up your post count you have to clutter up the board with meaningless crap?
You used "distillation" and by your writing I read verbatim into it. Obviously the conversation with the doctor set firmly in your mind. Sorry to offend your majesty.
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Jul 2013
North Texas
I remember trying weed several times when i was a teen. I got nothing from it. Never experienced its wondrous effects or negative aspects of it. It was just like smoking a cigarette, but that it left a bad aftertaste that lasted a long time from what i remember. Alcohol on the other hand, i don't need any pressure to consume. It's in my families genes.

No, i don't drink any more and i don't want too. But if i ever do start again it won't be because of outside influences. It would be because of something that is seriously wrong with me. Something i won't address or cope with except by drowning my sours in drink.


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Oct 2010
I don't believe you can be addicted to drugs. A drug, by itself, is not addictive. The first time you try alcohol, you don't become an alcoholic. In the same breath, the first time you smoke a blunt, you don't become a pothead. What is addictive, however, is the feeling you get from doing drugs. Getting high gives people something they are missing in their lives.

For example, I've been struggling with a weed problem. When I first started smoking, I wasn't hooked immediately. Getting high relieved the depression and anxiety issues that I've suffered from since my adolescence. It made the quality of my life a lot better, it raised my self-esteem, and it helped me to develop closer relationships with people. Then, as soon as I became sober, it was back to my miserable life. I felt that being high was the way that people were supposed to feel. Overtime, I developed a need to be high all the time and I lost control of it.

Capitalism, and other factors, makes people's lives so miserable, that they turn to mind-altering chemicals in order to find some semblance of happiness. Being that these feelings are temporary, they want more of the chemical in order to stay sane.
Why is it when people stuff all kids of pharmaceuticals down their throats for depression or anxiety, no one calls this "getting high?"

With modern cannabis strains, a person can take one or two puffs, and get the benefits you mention Gordy, without getting "stoned."

We've really been conditioned to feel ashamed to benefit from this herb, but taking dangerous psychotropic pharmaceuticals prescribed by our good ol' doctors is the right thing to do.
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Jan 2015
Why is it when people stuff all kids of pharmaceuticals down their throats for depression or anxiety, no one calls this "getting high?"

With modern cannabis strains, a person can take one or two puffs, and get the benefits you mention Gordy, without getting "stoned."

We've really been conditioned to feel ashamed to benefit from this herb, but taking dangerous psychotropic pharmaceuticals prescribed by our good ol' doctors is the right thing to do.
Weed is great and has a lot of benefits, but when it becomes a debilitating habit, that's when it's time to stop using it.
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Aug 2014
Drug addictions (and adding alcohol to "drug" because alcohol is a mind altering drug) are basically habits. People dismiss habits as trivial, but in reality our habits rule our lives, give our lives purpose in many ways, and how people cope with problems. Myself, I take a shower in the morning. Does not matter if I have to work, go outside, or just sit on my ass all day not doing a damn thing.

Alcohol is a habit of mine. I usually get drunk off my ass once a week. It is a habit. I smoke, but usually only smoke when I am drunk or feel very anxious. I use marijuana everyday. I like the way it makes me feel, it relieves my anxiety and depression, it relaxes me, makes me creative, makes me enjoy and laugh at life. I am in the United States now visiting my parents and I am not allowed to drink alcohol, or smoke dope or cigarettes in their home. Guess what, I am not drinking alcohol, smoking dope or cigarettes in their home. The consequences of sneaking around and doing that and disrespecting their home and wishes far outweighs the pleasure of booze, dope and cigarettes. When I return back overseas, I will drink a few beers on the plane, buy a bag of weed when I get back, get drunk at the bar and smoke my cigarettes! It's a choice, and no one is "powerless" over their choices!

In the 1990's, I was a crack cocaine addict. Got to the point where I was spending well over $1000-2000 a month on that shit. I was addicted, unhappy, hated my circumstances, and had a monkey with 100 pound testicles on my back. It is difficult to tell someone who is not addicted what being addicted is like. I knew I had a problem, was in trouble and needed professional help. What I got on reality was a steaming pile of bullshit.....

Went to rehabs, which in my opinion, did not help, because they were bullshit. All of these places were "12 Step" based, which taught me that.......

1. I have an incurable disease (total bullshit).


2. The only way to arrest this disease was through prayer and meditation. (Double bullshit).

Bullshit number 1, that addiction is a disease. Just wrong. Diseases are biological in nature. Cancer, diabetes, AIDS, MS, for example. Again, as I mentioned above, being addicted to substances is not a disease. It is a hard wired habit. Even for people who are chemically dependent on opiates and/or alcohol, it is still a habit.

Many doctors and treatment idiots will say that addiction is a genetic disease, or it "runs in families". People buy into that bullshit hook, line and sinker. I did. But every family has an addicted family member. Might be a lot of people, might be just one, but every family has one. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late (as in dead) Senator Ted Kennedy is expousing this genetic addiction bullshit. I argue two things, one, Patrick has a mental disorder, and this is not to make fun of him, and he admits that. Second, people learn habits and coping skills from their parents. Both of his were alcoholics and drug users. Apples do not fall far from the tree. My parents were both sober people who rarely drank alcohol in adulthood, but there were some drunks and crazy folks in the family tree, people I never knew or barely knew, so out comes the genetic disease theory. Can you spell....BULL SHIT?

Why do people drink alcohol and take drugs? Because it makes them feel good! Lots of people abuse substances because of a real mental disorder, like bipolar, depression, trauma, as a means of "escape", lots of things. For people wishing to escape addiction to a healthier, substance free life, one has to be able to identify their problems, get professional help (no recovery help....because it's bullshit), and be able to learn new habits and coping skills.

I stopped smoking crack cocaine in April of 2001. How? I left the country! Wasn't just because of the addiction, I just wanted to get the hell out of my city and this culture. Crack is no longer a habit. The urge to do the drug left me completely. I went out with my buddy, spent the night with him, drank a couple of beers and smoked some reefer. Did not feel the need or desire to hit the crackhouse. So much for having a "progressive disease".

Another thing I hated from these 12 Step rehabs was their "Spirituality" bullshit which was convoluted nonsense which made no sense whatsoever. I don't need or desire prayer, to learn the fucking Serenity Prayer, to sit silently with my eyes closed....I needed professional help, psychiatry. To diagnose my problem(s) and work towards something better. Never got that. Few did.

The few AA long termers who got "sober" (and I hate the word SOBER with a passion) again got that way by learning new habits and coping skills (to beat a dead horse), not from Alcoholics Anonymous. The founder of AA was a one Bill Wilson who was not a doctor, a psychiatrist, but a failed stock broker. He got alcohol sober, but basically changed addictions. One he was a chain smoker. Second, he was a sex addict who shamelessly cheated on his wife with scores and scores of women. He also did not have much faith in his own program he created because he was experimenting (legally in a government study) with LSD as a "cure" for alcoholism and a connection to "spirituality". Supposedly (and I think this is from "haters" and propaganda) Wilson wanted whiskey on his deathbed, and left the proceeds to his book ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (or the so called Big Book) to a mistress. The man was an unqualified nutbag, yet these asinine treatment centers follow his lead.

It is hard as hell to quit opiates, booze or freebase cocaine and/or meth. I hear ya. My best advice is to flee, get professional help outside the 12 Step madness. Learn new skills, and find something to replace the destructive habits. Or just say "fuck it" and get drunk. I'll buy the first round.
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