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1. The following are excerpts from a news report by Mikio Sugeno, Nikkei Washington bureau chief, posted on December 22, 2018 under the headline "China is trying to steal our future: Navarro" and the subheading "Hard-line White House adviser says trade agreement in 90 days will be difficult".

(Begin excerpts)
WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump's trade adviser told Nikkei that it would be "difficult" for the U.S. and China to arrive at an agreement after the 90-day period of talks unless Beijing was prepared for a full overhaul of its trade and industrial practices.

In an extensive interview at the White House on Thursday, Peter Navarro, an assistant to the president as director of trade and industrial policy, said there are "no half-measures," and that China has to address all of America's concerns for the two sides to come to terms. Those include forced technology transfers, cyber intrusions into business networks, state-directed investments, tariffs and nontariff barriers.

"China is basically trying to steal the future of Japan, the U.S. and Europe, by going after our technology," the adviser said.

On Beijing's "Made in China 2025" initiative, a blueprint for pivoting the country into a leading position in areas such as artificial intelligence and fifth-generation wireless communication, Navarro called it a "label for a Chinese strategy to achieve dominance in the industries of the future."...

Pointing to a panel listing 53 examples of China's economic aggression, including items such as "consolidating of state-owned enterprises into national champions," "debt-trap financing to developing countries," and "dumping below cost into foreign markets," Navarro said, "Virtually everything on here is against the rules of the World Trade Organization," and that China would have to address all of the issues "if we are going to have a negotiation that results in success."

The hawkish adviser...said that intellectual property theft was part of China's culture as a communist state. "It goes back to the communist system, where there are no property rights. If there are no property rights, you can't steal property, right?" he said.

Navarro said that smartphones manufactured by China's Huawei Technologies pose a clear risk in that "those phones can be used to spy on our citizens or our government." He said that the constant software updates were the main source of concern.... (End excerpts)

Source: China is trying to steal our future: Navarro

2. According to Why Do the Planets of Our Solar System Revolve Around the Sun?

(Begin excerpts)
There are two opposing forces that determine the orbit of a planet: planetary inertia and the gravitational pull of the Sun. In order to create a stable orbit, these forces must remain perfectly balanced. The Sun is the most massive object in the solar system, and it has the strongest gravitational pull. Without the Sun's gravity, the forward momentum of the planets would carry them into deep space, just as their sideways momentum keeps the planets from falling inward and being consumed by the Sun. (End excerpts)

3(a) As explained in the above passage, "Without the Sun's gravity, the forward momentum of the planets would carry them into deep space". Hence if the two opposing forces are out of equilibrium one day, the earth will go off course into deep space. From then onwards, earthlings will wake up without seeing sunrise as the whole world will be in eternal darkness. If Navarro is still around on that doomsday, he will definitely accuse China of stealing the future of the US and other countries.

With regard to Navarro's phobia about no future, I call that day "without tomorrow or future" by the name of "navarmorrow".

3(b) If Archimedes could be resurrected, he might find a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it to move the world away from the sun.

3(c) That doomsday scenario is also possible if a gigantic hand of a Super Being suddenly stretches out from nowhere to strike planet Earth off course into deep space. No country is capable of making such a gigantic hand. Hence if anyone still raves day and night about his country's future being stolen by others, that fellow must be talking with his head in the cloud and his mouth at his very bottom.

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