Never trumper Republicans, much more dangerous than Democrats

Jul 2019
okay, so trump is jabbing Pompeo for hiring never-trumpers

this article is from January 2019

‘Never Trumpers’ Can Get State Department Jobs With Pompeo

Recent months have seen Secretary of State Pompeo hire at least three previously vocal Trump critics for senior advisory roles, tossing aside a cardinal rule from the first two years of the administration when “Never Trumpers” were essentially told not to bother applying.

oh and it seems the president considers any republican who has ever criticized him a "never-trumper"
Sep 2019
Republicans (nevertrumper or not) are by far Trumps most dangerous enemies now. It is terribly clear he will face impeachment in the house, the Senate (Republican controlled) will decide his ultimate we just sit and watch if enough split to sway McConnells pocket.
Oct 2019
Connecting the dots.....

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Yawn, I didn't read that propaganda link, what's your point?

Nazi Germany is credited with popularizing Volkswagon Beetle - I suppose this means the Volkswagon Beetle or anyone who drives them is "Nazi" or "fascist".

(To the fringe left, 99.99% of the world they live in is "Nazi, Fascist, White Supremacist" - they have even called a mainstream Jewish conservative like Ben Shaprio a "fascist" or "Nazi", so they have no credibility, it's just guilt by association or paranoia).

The ones who think Trump is a "fascist" or capable of being a fascist are foolish as well - if I recall right, Hitler staged a violent coup on his rise to power - so what would Trump have to actually do to become a fascist, and how exactly would he do it.

As far as "Never Trumpers" go, I'm not sure how they're "dangerous" myself.
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Feb 2006
More dots connected....

“If the US has someone whom historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell.”

Usually, comparisons between Donald Trump’s America and Nazi Germany come from cranks and internet trolls. But a new essay in the New York Review of Books pointing out “troubling similarities” between the 1930s and today is different: It’s written by Christopher Browning, one of America’s most eminent and well-respected historians of the Holocaust. In it, he warns that democracy here is under serious threat, in the way that German democracy was prior to Hitler’s rise — and really could topple altogether.
Browning, a professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina, specializes in the origins and operation of Nazi genocide. His 1992 book Ordinary Men, a close examination of how an otherwise unremarkable German police battalion evolved into an instrument of mass slaughter, is widely seen as one of the defining works on how typical Germans became complicit in Nazi atrocities.