Never Trust the Police

Nov 2005
Police shooting kittens in front of children ruled “appropriate”.
I like to look for updates to some of these to understand how the case proceeded and if the officer had any follow-on problems. The above youtube video is from 2013 and police Humane Officer Barry Accorti kept his job after shooting the kittens.

This guy had additional despicable acts that he pulled...
In 2013 Accorti shot and killed five feral kittens, prompting protests from the community and calls for him to be fired. A year later, a North Ridgeville resident claimed Accorti shot and killed a baby raccoon in front of three children, one of whom was his son.​
During both of those incidents, Freeman came to Accorti’s defense, saying the raccoon was not shot near any children or dwellings.​

And then, he finally got fired after killing some rabbits in 2017.
As Jones tells it, Accorti allegedly showed up Tuesday afternoon, grabbed the rabbits, which Jones had put in a bucket to protect, and began smashing the heads of the rabbits on the tailgate of his truck in view of Jones.​
“We didn’t even exchange five words,” Jones said. “It was just ‘thud!’ and their necks were broken. He tossed them in the bed of the truck and came back and said, ‘Where’s the dead one?’ and tossed it too. He wasn’t even here five minutes.”​
Jones described the incident as “pretty disturbing.”​
When asked about it, Police Chief Michael Freeman said, “It’s not pleasant.”​
“We relieved him of his duties because he didn’t follow procedures,” Freeman said. “We feel that there wasn’t proper communication between the landowner and him … and we didn’t feel he correctly dispatched that particular call, and as a result we let him go.”​
Humane officer in North Ridgeville fired for killing rabbits

I can't help but wonder if he had killed them by shooting them if he would have kept his job. :mad:
Nov 2005

A Texas constable spotted a black man with dreadlocks chilling on his front porch and determined he fit the description of another black man with dreadlocks wanted on an out-of-state warrant.​
Clarence Evans was sitting outside with his son and daughter when a constable from Houston Precinct 4 pulled up in front of his house claiming that someone had reported his dog as stolen.
According to the caption of the video he posted on Facebook, Evans told the cop that his dog had both a chip and the proper paperwork proving he was the owner.​
The officer asks for his identification but Evans refused to give it to him, which triggered the cop into wanting to arrest him.​
According to the caption:​
"He then asked for Id and I politely tell him no he then says to me “put your hands behind your back Reg” I have never in my life went by that name then he tells I have a felony warrant out in Louisiana and calls me Quitin."​

Texas has a long-established law that states a person does not have to identify themselves unless they have been lawfully arrested.​
The almost 5-minute video starts off with Evans speaking into the camera, saying the officer does not even know his name but has a warrant.​
The officer responds that he has a warrant out of Louisiana. Evans asks how is that possible if he does not even live in Louisiana.​
Texas Cop Tries to Arrest Wrong Man on Out-of-State Warrant in his Front Yard - Photography is Not a Crime

So this is just awesome.
The cop pulls up and claims without any demonstrable way of acquiring the information that the black man stole the dog.

Then, when that fails, he makes some vague claim about the black man having a warrant out of Louisiana!

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