New DNA Evidence Likely Exonerates a Texas Death Row Inmate. The Government Won't Test It.

Sep 2019
Why won't they test it? A man's life is at stake.
Me thinks Abbott, who loves spouting off the numbers of people that's been put to death, would rather pad his numbers than allow real justice to take place. Plus, if Reed is proven innocent, then his justice system would be proven wrong.

Abbott is a POS. He got rich from a law suit, that put in him his wheel chair. After a storm, he went for a jog. Somehow a limb fell off someone's tree (from the storm) and landed on him. So he sued the homeowner for millions and won.
Then as a state legislator, "championed" law suit reforms that make it harder for people to sue for things like what happened to him. A real scumbag.
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Oct 2019
Sure. I have no problem with science being used as evidence in courts. (Part of this might be due to ignorance from unrealistic TV shows such as "CSI").

(Even then, most people seem ignorant of what "evidence is" or how it works in courts; scientific "evidence" is only one of many admissible types of evidence).