New report on horrific sex abuse at Ohio State doesn’t exonerate Jim Jordan

Mar 2019
The report detailed how Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005, would shower with student-athletes, often multiple times a day; force them to strip naked during routine exams, sometimes for ailments as commonplace as a sore throat; and, in some cases, fondle them to the point of erection and ejaculation during examinations.

But Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) — who worked as an assistant coach for the Ohio State wrestling team from 1986 to 1994, and has been accused by at least eight former wrestlers of knowing about Strauss’ abuse and failing to report it — was pleased by the report’s findings.

“It confirms everything I’ve said before,” Jordan told reporters on Capitol Hill on Friday. “I didn’t know about anything. If I would’ve, I’d have done something.”

While the report did not mention Jordan by name, it also did not confirm that he knew nothing.

In fact, according to the report, many former students interviewed were adamant that Strauss’ abuse was an “open secret” on campus — that athletes, coaches, trainers, and administrative staff were all aware of Strauss’ propensity to shower with students, often multiple times a day, but took no steps to protect them.

“[W]e find that University personnel had knowledge of Strauss’ sexually abusive treatment of male student-patients as early as 1979, but that complaints and reports about Strauss’ conduct were not elevated beyond the Athletics Department or Student Health until 1996,” the report says.

“It was outside the scope of our fact-finding mandate to reach legal conclusions, including wither the University — or any University personnel — acted in accordance with applicable University policies or Ohio mandatory reporting laws in place at the time.”

Over the past year, Jordan has repeatedly denied that he knew anything about Strauss’s abuse — except the locker room chatter he overheard.

“Conversations in a locker room are a lot different than people coming up and talking about abuse. No one ever reported any abuse to me,” he said on Fox News last July.

In the same interview, Jordan attacked the motives of the men who were making the allegations, saying one of them had a “vendetta” against Ohio State. Jordan also claimed that he was being “bullied” by Strauss’ victims, who were disappointed that he wasn’t using his powerful platform to help them seek justice.

But his denials have not satisfied the men he used to coach.

“There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State,” said one of Strauss’s alleged victims, former UFC world champion Mark Coleman.
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It is interesting how this guy can clearly lie to the public.


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Now a second source is claiming he told Jordan about the doc abusing people.
Jul 2019
here's another example of how the messaging is so different between Repubs & Dems

this is big news. huge news. and it's not even new. this guy ignored (and helped cover up) a huge sexual abuse case. and he's about to be put on the House Intel for the sole purpose of meddling with the impeachment inquiry

if the roles were reversed, and Gym was a Dem, all the big name Repubs would be all over FOX news hammering this story to no end. the Katie Hill story is a recent example of how they push this type of thing and what she did isn't even close to the level.

May 2018
Jordan, like all Trumpanzees, is a morally decrepit scumbag, an enabler of criminality. He did it at Ohio State with Strauss, and he's doing it now with Trump. Jordan clearly is terrified HIS finances will be examined. Also, he's the clown who forced the military to accept more M1 Abram tanks than they can successfully maintain because the factory building them benefited HIS district (and ONLY his district. It reduced military effectiveness and endangered national security though).
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May 2018

Gym is a scumbag. He was part of a massive sexual abuse cover up. Plain and simple.

He's an utter shithead of the highest possible order. I particularly despise him because he, like myself, was a wrestler. Jordan was a great wrestler, and won a couple national titles. He's brought shame onto himself, and worse, onto the noble sport of wrestling. Every time he opens his dickpleaser lies come pouring out and he discredits all his achievements on the mat.

If I ever meet him I'll spit in his face, guaranteed.
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