No Cameras In The SCOTUS

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

President Donald Trump is threatening to turn off the cameras that face reporters as part of his new rules and regulations for the conduct of the media in the wake of CNN reporter Jim Acosta losing and then regaining his White House hard pass.​
'We'll do is maybe turn the camera off that faces them because then they don't have any air time, although I'll probably be sued for that and maybe, you know, win or lose it, who knows. I mean, with with this stuff you never know what's going to happen,' Trump said on 'Fox News Sunday.'​

Trump warns he'll turn off cameras facing reporters in press conferences as part of his new rules | Daily Mail Online

Either Trump is not going far enough, or he is doing a rope-a-dope:

The Supreme Court of the United States does not allow cameras in the courtroom when the court is in session, a policy which is the subject of much debate. Although the Court has never allowed cameras in its courtroom, it does make audiotapes of oral arguments and opinions available to the public.​

Cameras in the Supreme Court of the United States - Wikipedia

A lawsuit has to be a winner for Trump! How would you like to hear the Nifty Nine order TV cameras in the White House at the same time they will not allow TV cameras in their press room?

“The camera never lies” is one of the great myths of the twentieth century. The camera always lies; none more than the television camera.

Liars in high places love the camera because it is the most effective propaganda tool ever invented; it can sell thin air as fact as well as alter reality when accompanied by the right words —— propagandists always have the right words. The best part is that the photographer is never charged with a crime for the images he produces. In an unjust world a picture can be discredited but never the photographer.

In a just world Don Hewitt (1922 - 2009) would have been held criminally liable for what he did to Nixon in his first debate against JFK. Hewitt later bragged he elected two presidents, JFK and Bill Clinton. Hewitt went on to enjoy a long and profitable career producing 60 Minutes for CBS.

The lying sack of shit’s daily appearances in television clips for eight years telling lies solidified the TV camera’s position as the number one liar. After all, Obama said it on TV so it musty be true, yet it took five years for media mouths to call him a liar because of the lies he told to sell the Affordable Care Act? Today, TV cameras are lying like hell to resurrect socialized medicine just as they lied to sell the ACA in ‘09 and ‘10. (You will never hear a media liar call out Democrats repeating the lies they told the first time artound.)

The press, meaning television, is catching hell on social media these days prompts me to add some observations about filming. I go on the assumption that the words television-journalism, filming, and camera are synonyms.

When you get right down to it the question is who runs the government —— media mouths or Americans? If Lincoln was alive today he would answer:

Government of the media, by the media, for the media, shall not perish from this Earth.​

Hollywood sells their machine-made pictures as creative art. True art and true artists cannot be bent to fit a government lie. That is why Hollywood cameras and television cameras combined with sound to create the greatest propaganda apparatus ever known.

Question: Do you consider motion pictures an art form? If you answer yes then movies must be defined as organized art at worst, or collaborative art at best. So who is the artist? Is it the writer, the director, the actor, the film editor, the cameraman, the producer, the prop man? Note that the makeup artist used to be the only person in the industry that was called an artist.

Photography came before motion pictures and television.; nevertheless, still photos are often combined with printed text to promote a lie. In short: Truth is being extinguished by the Culture of the Camera. The only real “news” I have seen lately is members of the press talking to the camera, and to each other, and calling it news.

Why do Democrats look right into the camera and lie? They know they are lying. They know that their lies will not standup to serious examination. So what makes them so bold? The answer is simple: They know that fools require talking points. They also know that MSM liars will never expose them.

On a more mundane level one question always puzzled me about high-priced snapshots sold by art galleries. What happens to the negatives? At least if you purchased a Picasso you knew he was not going to run off a few more “originals” after he had your money in his pocket. And can anyone honestly see any of today’s photographs selling in the distant future commanding 40 million-plus in today’s dollars?

It has been said that men fall in love with their eyes. If there is any truth in that old chestnut a lot of horny masturbating worms are having sex with photographs. Unfortunately for the worms there are a few “Hollywood beauties” who are so repulsive in the flesh they would make the Frankenstein monster go gay were it not for photography.

A two dimensional image of photogenic women is now the standard defining female magnificence. Women who buy makeup because they think they will look like an airbrushed photograph after applying the stuff would be better off spending their money taking a course in reality.

Plain Jane’s who photograph well are worshiped irrespective of their personalities. Even those show biz women who are so unattractive nothing can improve them are said to possess an inner-beauty that only the camera ——and the photographer —— can see.

Finally, people in primitive cultures might have it right. They believe being photographed steals their soul. So I will close by reposting my favorite joke about photographs:

An anthropologist in search of lost tribes led an expedition up the Amazon. He was sure he hit the jackpot when he found a hitherto unknown tribe of pygmies. After a few weeks he could speak the simple language well enough to communicate. In an attempt to find out exactly how far removed from the outside world the pygmies were he showed the chief some photographs he had brought with him for just such a test.

When the anthropologist showed the pygmy chief a photograph of President Eisenhower the chief shook his head no. The scientist got the same reaction when he showed the chief photos of Winston Churchill, FDR, Stalin, and Mao. Then he showed the chief a picture of Mickey Mouse. The chief’s face lit up like a kid taking a test who finally got one right. Smiling from ear to ear he said “I know him. That’s Disney’s rat.”

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