No crisis, no emergency

Feb 2019
Dec 2015
You are cherrypicking AGAIN Clicker!

Keep doing it, all it does is prove how xenophobic you are.

One incident isn't an emergency. what IS an emergency is all of the families rushing the border, seeking asylum and with no housing for them.
This circles right back to preparation and the ability to govern. The issue: Seeking asylum at the border. Is this something NEW? Unexpected? Never happened before? Suddenly we the people have a shocking revelation? No No and NO.
This comes after decades of asylum seekers. Any number of presidents have tried to deal with this issue and NONE were able to solve the problem.
Along comes Trump--the manchild--who sees everything through the "this is easy" theory....which is the way he solves every problem. AND what happens when things don't go his way? We all know the answer to that.
Governing starts at the top. It shouldn't be surprising that the 4th grader in the oval office can't figure it out.
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
If you are going to use a handful of incidents involving illegals as an excuse to build a wall but you refuse to do anything about the 325 mass shootings over the last year then you are a hypocrite.
Not one but two apples and oranges attempt at moral equivalent. That's a direct miss. Twice.
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