No crisis, no emergency

Jul 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
Yes men in dresses screwing children is a problem and imo they should be put to death...

No back to other issues that the leftists like to pretend are not real.
It isn’t a question of pretending they aren’t real. It’s a question of priorities. If you think that the bigger concern is illegal immigrants harming people then that of clergy raping children then you are blind.
Mar 2019
When they catch them they DEPORT THEM. ICE is being prevented from doing their job by Sanctuary jurisdictions by not cooperating with ICE. Several Democrats have stated that they'd like to disband ICE as well. When illegals are allowed to simply saunter over the border at their whim, those who will not allow measures to be taken to prevent that, AKA DEMOCRATS are at fault. All border agencies and most police and sheriffs agree that a system of physical barriers AKA walls combined with hi tech surveilance will do the best job.

Still trying to justify deaths and crimes that could have been prevented I see. PREVENTED deaths and crimes, get it?
Having nothing to keep them out is just this, doing nothing to prevent their illegal entry.
No they do not catch them and deport them. It should be that way but it is not. There are way too many failed gov. agencies that are involved in the process and the job is not getting done. Some may think it is just law enforcement locals state and ice but there are several other gov. agencies that have a say in the matter and things do not get done because gov. is dysfunctional.