Nothing has chased more Christians away than the evangelicals

Oct 2019
Groups, by definition, are against the Individual- that includes religious as well as political, no matter what they lie about- they (groups) will change over time, gain support, lose support, morph from one thing to the next and ostracize those who don't conform- but, in the end, and through out History, the Individual will remain-
Christians (protestant and Catholic) have been exercising hypocrisy sine their inception- as have Jews, and Muslims- what's the common thread?
The common thread are atheists pretending that their religions, such as Secular Humanism are any different, or using a solipsistic if not outright dishonest definition of "religion" to begin with.
Oct 2019
The golden rule. The norm. Expectations. The general good. No need for religion at all.
Do you consider Confucianism a "religion?

Whatever the Golden Rule is, it isn't "science" - so I find it odd that you don't instantly dismiss it on that basis.
Apr 2019
Christians are the most persecuted people in the world in the world. Fact. Where is the concern for the victim that the Left lives on?
Oct 2017
Who said anything about Trump being an angel or a devil?

Evangelicals have the same job as everyone else, and that is to decide on whether to vote for someone based upon their morals and what is best for the future.

So evangelicals believe abortion is murder. This is the real rub, isn't it? You don't like the fact that many evangelicals can't be persuaded to vote for abortionists, isn't right? And this is problematic for the democrat party because one of the pillars of the party is abortion.

It sure beats Catholics who have it in their church doctrine that abortion is murder, yet their Left wing Pope seems to ignore it, much like the Catholic church ignored the Holocaust, and gives sermons on the evils of building walls instead.

Well guess what, if I lived in Nazi Germany there would have been no way in hell I would ever have voted for a Nazi, no matter how fabulous their socialist programs may have been for me. In fact, the German people had a higher living standard than anyone on the planet during that time. That's right, Hitler bought the souls of a war weary people steeped in genocide, but mine is not for sale.

How bout you?
What a joke, They elected scum bag for his superior morality, how stupid is that, Scum bag has used abortion 99.9% more then the rest of us and supported abortion up until he tried to con you people into electing him.. They had many candidates to choose from but the one they supported for their candidate was scum bag because he said what they believed in, he hated just about everything. The uglyer, crueler ,more evil and hateful this pile of shit got the more support they gave him