Notre Dame in flames!

Nov 2005
A fire has broken out at the famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris and has spread rapidly across the building.

The cause is not yet clear, but officials say that it could be linked to renovation work.

A major operation to tackle the blaze is under way at the 850-year-old Gothic building, but the cathedral's spire and roof have collapsed.

Last year, the Catholic Church in France appealed for funds to save the building, which was crumbling.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is on his way to the scene, said his thoughts were with "all Catholics and all French people."

"Like all of my countrymen, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn."
Notre-Dame cathedral on fire in Paris

Mar 2019
More fighters show up after fire burns cathedral and pour water on the ashes.

I just hope they got alot of the artifacts out. They reported they were removing stuff during the fire.
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Jun 2013
More like fucking roofers. They were doing a €6,000,000 to the roof. Yet again some roofer put his tar torch down in a stupid place in all likelihood.

If you click on the video box, it shows the spire collapsing.

i don't agree.this has islam written all over it! what a better coup than to destroy the most beautiful iconic church in france?? a country that hates them??

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