Notre Dame in flames!

Dec 2016
"Atheists" aren't satanists. Problem is to believe in Satan you have to believe in God, and vice versa. Satanists who CLAIM to be atheist are, ipso facto, not atheists. On the other hand most "Satanists" are people kneejerking towards the open bigotry by the "religious" people. I don't think many, if any of them, actually "worship" Satan. They simply see him as a symbol of freedom, of ever questioning authority.
No, most satanists don't worship an actual deity named Satan.! They tend to absorb a fair share of mystical mumbo jumbo from what I've seen. When I considered atheism as a cause to promote and was a member of a local atheist meetup group that we were trying to build into a full fledged social club, we had a couple of satanists who were part of the club...but did have their quirks....psychic energy forces, existence of spirits or souls, ....they weren't the type to burn down churches of course, but they weren't strict metaphysical materialists they didn't completely fit in. But we did recognize that they fit the basic definition of atheist nevertheless.
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
This fire is rather symbolic, a Catholic church that seems to ignore the mass genocide of abortion world wide while giving sermons on the evils of building walls.

A Europe who has become secularized and tossed out God and the Bible.

They should level it and build an abortion clinic or a museum to Karl Marx or something.

It's just one god to replace another
Wow, what is it about tradegies like this that brings out the nut-jobs?

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