Now Mattis Just Bailed On The Con Man In Chief

Nov 2012
Mattis just announced he is leaving the con’s administration. Mattis and the generals were ignored vis a vis the Syria decision. Putin is technically our new Defense Secretary. Who needs generals, Don the con claims that he knows more then them anyhow.
The dotard administration is now in full meltdown. It is now the government of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. The bright side of that is we get to watch those three assclowns go down with the ship.
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Dec 2015
I'll tell you who else HAS TO GO: Stephen MILLER. GAWD---he is such a freak.

Twitter is all a twit:
Stephen Miller talking right now on CNN about how ISIS is the enemy of “other countries.” This would be news to the Pentagon.
Almost shouting, Stephen Miller with Wolf now on @CNNSitRoom defending Trump Syria plan. "ISIS has been defeated."

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