NSA Collecting Millions of Communications for Facial Recognition

Jun 2013
Another Obama pants on fire moment brought to you by Edward Snowden.

"According to a report in The New York Times, the NSA is working on creating facial recognition software that can process images from digital communications, such as emails, text messages and video conferences that it already intercepts. The project has been in the works for four years.

Unlike the FBI and state governments, the NSA does not have access to driver's license or passport photos. Instead, they are working on pulling images in an alternative way. Documents revealed through Edward Snowden claim that the NSA intercepts millions of images every day from digital communications. "

NSA Is Collecting Millions of Web Images for Facial Recognition Databases

"President Barack Obama assured Americans today that the National Security Agency isn't reading their emails, responding to reports that the NSA is tapping into the servers of nine leading Internet companies."

Obama to Americans on NSA monitoring: We're not reading your emails or listening to your - The Business Journals
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