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It was a lengthy book by an author who had done some real honest and clear-eyed research on Obama. When I'm on Twitter since Hillary's big Waterloo event, I've blocked or lost a lot of followers I used to have and thought were sensible on these kinds of issues. If I was living in the US in 08, I would have voted for Obama against WWIII advocate - John McCain and his idiot Veep, and since that election had a lot more than the usual buzz around it, and it occupied much of the discussion I had with my US relatives at the time, they might have assumed I was working on the Barack for president campaign!
But I never became a fanboy, like some of my younger cousins, nephews and nieces did, who cast aside all of their usual suspicion and cynicism about politics in the hope that this one would be the diamond in the rough.

I was tracking and criticizing his decisions and statements early on in his first term when he had control of Congress and could do virtually what ever he wanted. When it came to war crimes, he declared "we need to look forward, not backward." Maybe that was just to get Cheney away from his rolodex planning his own assassination attempt! But on environment, at a time when we were already being told that we were living in the time when the fight against global warming would be won or lost, he comes up with an "all of the above" energy strategy. On healthcare, he dangled a 'public option' and then reneged on it, and when he armtwisted Dennis Kucinich into violating his principles to support a reworked Romneycare that Romney himself ran away from, the details revealed uncontrolled insurance, hospital and prescription costs would eventually make all of the offered plans unaffordable for most people! He bailed out Wall Street banks but had nothing to offer all of the people left underwater on mortgages after the real estate meltdown, some forced out of their homes. The wars went from 2 to 7, military budgets kept rising, the NDAA created by the War On Terror excuse, kept getting renewed every year, and kept whittling away at American's legal and privacy rights.... cause security trumps freedom!

So, it's hard for me not to see Obama as a liar and a cheat, who has since leaving office, been collecting gifts from the range of corporate and financial backers who owe him so much! I don't know how many Obama fans disconnected their brains and erased all that went on during his administration, but to a cynic, it was a smooth transition from Obama to Trump on most issues (except as I've mentioned - Iran), so endless Twitter threads of Obama worship.... swooning over his pictures and videos makes me think most liberals gave up in 2016 and decided to move into and live in an imaginary world, where a perfect Hillary inherited his throne and admirably handles all of the domestic and foreign threats just like they did on The West Wing some years back, when they decided the presidency stayed under Democratic control.

As for leaving completely..... I had been checking in on a weekly basis for more than month, not seeing much of interest, but maybe a fresh war clears the senses, now that so many online liberals have suddenly become concerned about the threat of nuclear war again. Something they never thought of back when Obama announced a 10 year plan of more than a $trillion to upgrade nukes and missile delivery systems. When this forum turned overwhelmingly liberal focusing exclusively on Trump and removing Trump by any means necessary, all else was forgotten, including underlying principles like opposing wars and obscene levels of military spending. Democrat warmongers were now in vogue. Now that we have Trump running around with matches in a gas-lit room, the appeal of Democrat versions of Trump - Joe Biden, should lose their appeal, and everyone claiming they will lead us all out of a looming disaster will have to prove their worth and their sincerity.
It is easy for me to be a cynic after the last 30 years. But it is much harder for me to bite my tongue.

I will say though, the worship is the same.
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Dec 2016
It is easy for me to be a cynic after the last 30 years. But it is much harder for me to bite my tongue.

I will say though, the worship is the same.
I wonder how much of this is coming out of desperation! A lot of people of very different political leanings, look out at an array of crises: climate change getting real, healthcare, toxic drinking water, crumbling roads and bridges, education, crime, refugees from regime change plans gone bad trying to cross the border, and see the two official parties pour more and more money into Pentagon budgets, and have been hoping against hope that someone, anyone would restore some sense and sanity and Washington and unplug the Empire and its grandiose ambitions of running the whole world!

Obama made noises about getting out of Iraq, was dodgy and evasive about Afghanistan, but successfully marketed himself as the leader who would get things back on track and take care of big problems at home. That didn't happen, so everyone who stopped drinking the koolaid was getting desperate in 2016. Republiicans refused to buy the same old Reagan clones sent their way and went for the ultimate outsider...someone totally out of the box who would at least do something different! Democrat Party leaders were shocked by a groundswell of support for an aging leftwing Senator from Vermont, who was bringing in thousands to rallies all across the country, but their chosen one had MSM behind her, and they could literally rig many of the primaries and caucuses, and it still looked like they would need the 'thumb on the scale' - "super" delegates to stop Bernie Sanders.

Now, at a time when Trump has created a mess he probably won't be able to get out of, the Dem establishment is still trying to prevent any radicals from taking over. And because Bernie was built up to supernatural proportions, he is treated with godlike status on the left right now, and anyone who challenges him because of weaknesses like being very slow to speak out on foreign wars and military spending leads to online trolling of Tulsi Gabbard by the Berners themselves.


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this might explain dotard's twitter rampage this morning

the Obamas are officially Oscar nominees

I guess he can add that to the whine about not getting a Nobel Peace Prize for doing something that he didn't do.

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Jul 2019
I can't say I know any of these songs, but she loves music and working out to music, which makes her awesome

Jul 2019
I see the picture and the story. Good for him! Glad this makes you happy.

However, i am a Republican. So i am evil. Stay away from me or i will taint you with my dark soul. That is all that matters.
I used to be a Republican myself,
so there is hope for you after all :)