Obama Was An Embarrassment

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
I agree. The few moderates LEFT in the GOP are leaving Congress and some have left the party completely. The RW seems to be caught up in the word "weak". Deference. Submissive. If sitting presidents BOW to a foreign leader (like Obama) the Party of NO goes WILD and there were plenty of presidents who bowed. Strangely enough, NO ONE--not one American--called them weak or submissive. President Nixon bowed to Japan Emperor Hirohito in 1971 and referred to him and his wife as ‘Your Imperial Majesties.' Bill Clinton bowed in 1994 to Japan’s Emperor Akihito. Bush Jr. held hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in 2005. Even IKE bowed to France’s leader Charles de Gaulle.
Evidently, we have a new breed of Republicans who were raised by wolves. They missed Politics of a Bow 101 in president college. Bowing is a sign of respect and appreciation. The deeper the bow from the waist, the more respect and gratitude are shown. But now---OH HORRORS! American's DO NOT bow because.....we are exceptional.....we are better than all the rest.

The Americans I know were raised to believe that humility goes a long way and that anyone who says/acts differently is haughty, conceited, pompous and self-serving. IF THAT person is the president of the United States of America we are worthless on the world stage. Our allies are watching this beautiful country swirling the bowl. It's so sad. AND you know what? IT'S weak.
The GOP has turned into a weak, worthless bunch of groupies--lemmings who can't think for themselves and thrive on hypocrisy.

Dec 2016
I am not a Republican and i believe ir is just what the country needed.

Principles. Laughable. You guys just got done morning the ex head of the cia who was instrumental in the escalation of both the drug epidemic and the war on drugs. Who then ushered in decades of the same draconian "heads of state" that have put us exactly where we are today.

But go ahead and keep playing libertarian.
There has always been historical revisionism, but the problem today is history is being revised even before the ink has a chance to dry!

Even Dubya is one of the 'good' Republicans today according to the centrist Democrat intelligensia. By this standard, ten years from now...under a new Republican president, they'll be reminiscing about Donald Trump also when he kicks the bucket!
Dec 2016
I think it has less to do with actual politics and history revision and more to do with the good taste not to hold the toes of a corpse over the open flame of political differences.
Granted. But the one thing good liberals have been missing for several years now is that a growing number of people lose interest in 'good taste' and 'civility' and will either be indifferent to 'civility' or even deliberate choose 'the bull in the china shop' if the shop's not working for them! So, every time some liberal house organ starts posting clips of whatever stupid thing Donald Trump has said or done, it only outrages the usual MSNBC viewers and hardly reaches beyond that!

There is precedent here, since although he was more cautious and civil, an entire book was written and published about the stupid things Bush Two said while in office....but he served out two terms as president anyway!

So far, in this political cycle, the Democratic Party mandarins have closed off 'progressives' from gaining any important decisionmaking offices within the Party! And they are offering up vague and cloudy language on the core issues that got the progressive caucus members elected...like public healthcare. Instead of declaring support/or even having the guts to reject national health insurance proposals, the Schumers, Pelosi's, Kamala Harris's, Joe Biden's (idiot's making serious plans to run in 2020) just talk about "improving" healthcare and making sure every American is covered.....this time...which was supposed to have been the promise when the ACA was passed.....regardless, if the Democratic opposition and their entourage of liberal pundits, hollywood celebrities and others have empty rhetoric on core economic issues that might not please their corporate donor base, they will keep on losing ground to the Trump Right...who are at least aware of the issues, even if they have no plans to provide good jobs, healthcare or debt relief to the minions who support them.
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