Ocasio-Cortez calls out Trump with 'lightning round' game

Jun 2018
South Dakota
I suggest we address the real reason we have global warming. Get rid of the real gas generators. Or perhaps just use their gasseous emmissions to power NYC,
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Sep 2018
There is no terror?
She's Intellectually Sophomoric At Best
Go away. No one believes that tripe.
Believing There Is
Makes You Feel Like A Champion At Least
ALL THE 36 newly elected badass congressional women...
So What
They're Still Mostly Democrats
A Democrat Is A Democrat, Is A Democrat....
It's plain ol' ordinary 29-yr-old Alex from the Bronx. WHY? WHY Alex?
As I've Said
A Younger Face
And A Rack To Hang Around It
It's The Left-Stream Media That's Glamorizing Her
Over Gillibrand Or That Warren Lady

So What Else Makes This Group-Think Clone
Different From Your Other Mass Don Quixote's
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Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
Cortez lost her lead and now Omar is on top. Warren is far out in left field and not worthy of mention.

edit: unworthy of mention
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Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
Nothing like a razor sharp Latina to get the morons worked up...
Worked up.. HELL she is the best thing to happen to Trump.

His approval Rating the last week has improved to 52% in one and 47% in another poll since she started her "Medicare for All" and "Green new Deal" roll out.