Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill Based on an Article from ... 1917

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
Do you currently have the power of speech? Prepare to temporarily lose it. The Ohio Republican pushing an anti-abortion bill requiring insurance companies to cover surgery to reimplant ectopic pregnancies into the uterus—a surgery that does not exist—has provided the receipts for his claim that it does exist. And it turns out that a key part of state Rep. John Becker’s evidence for ectopic pregnancy reimplantation in the year 2019 is an article from the year 1917. Nineteen. Seventeen.

After OB-GYN and reproductive health researcher Dr. Daniel Grossman challenged the bill on a scientific basis, Becker provided him with a two-and-a-half page 1917 article by a doctor claiming to have successfully reimplanted a single ectopic pregnancy, leading to a full-term pregnancy. Becker’s other piece of evidence was a 1990 letter to the editor in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology by a doctor claiming to have witnessed such a procedure in 1980. That’s it—two supposed cases, one of them with the evidence running to two-and-a-half pages in 1917 by the doctor who claimed to have produced this miracle, and a letter by a doctor who says he saw it happen in 1980, but apparently didn’t see fit to put it into print until a decade later.

On this basis, a Republican lawmaker wants to make policy. And no, Becker does not plan to change his bill because of a little thing like learning that it’s absolute crap. He may change some of the other flagrantly ignorant language in the bill, but as far as he’s concerned, requiring insurance companies to cover a procedure that doesn’t exist because it involves embryos as part of a larger move against anything that strikes him as abortion-adjacent is a completely reasonable way to proceed. Because he read a brief description of a case from 1917.

Consider this evidence that, as Joan McCarter said, these Republican men really all are living a century ago in their heads.

Part of Ohio anti-abortion bill based on an article from 1917—yes, the 1917 from a century ago


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Apr 2013
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The science of the Republican party. But finding all the feathers, shrunken heads and newt tongues is a bitch these days.
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May 2018
LOL...how surprising, a member of the anti-science and reality party subscribing to a crackpot medical theory from the early 1900s :D
Jul 2018
The guy is just a typical white supremacist in government. He is using the power of the government to impose his agenda on America. If he had been around during the Jim Crow era, he would have pushed all kinds of anti-freedom laws.
May 2018
Wow, this is completely unexcusable. I realize that right wingers are proud to be stupid, but come on. This is a whole new level of dumb. Vote them out folks, our freedoms are being destroyed. Vote out every single last one of them.

One thing I wish for, but will never happen, I wish that right wingers could tell the truth, just once. I wish they would acknowledge reality, just once. But since Trump came into office, they can't or they won't.
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