Ohio GOP Rep Found Drunk Passed Out In Car With Loaded Gun

Nov 2012
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Sep 2015
Brown Township, Ohio
Ohio GOP State Rep Wes Retherford, a “family values” advocate, is facing at least 1 felony charge for intoxication after he was found passed out at a Macdonald’s drive-thru Sunday morning with a loaded firearm. He apparently has had prior “partying” problems. The link from the Columbus Dispatch follows…

Ohio House Rep. Retherford found passed out in car, with loaded firearm - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH
He must have been snockered to go to McDonalds. He will in the least get a physical control charge unless he was smart enough to get rid of the keys before he passed out. He was on private property and not on a roadway. I haven't opened up The Columbus Dispatch site yet but will because I want to know which McDonalds he was at. I am going to do that now.

edit: He is from Butler County which is in southwestern Ohio. He keeps a drinks cart in his Ohio assembly office. People in southern Ohio are more redneck than people in northern Kentucky. Johnny Paycheck was from southern Ohio and he may have been listening to his song, Take This Job and Shove It. He is locked up in Butler County Jail and this outrage did not happen in Franklin County where the Statehouse is located.
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