On Trump pulling troops out of Syria


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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Did he really post "in my great and unmatched wisdom". ?????
I'm sorry, but your president seems to be losing his grip on reality.
I think it's time you sent in the mental health people.
His defenders are trying to pretend that was just him trolling the press, not evidence of his rapidly escalating dementia.
Sep 2019
probably not,

however, ironically, it's a great snapshot of today's society

Hedley Lamar = Trump
Taggert = McConnell
Gov. LePetamaine = Rudy
Racist Townspeople of Rock Ridge = MAGAts

lol, I love your effort, but I disagree, sadly I have to go teach 5 year olds how to choke each other (jiu jits), so I can't expound right now, that said, I'd be impressed and give you the respect of retorting when I get back if you broke down how. ;)