On Trump pulling troops out of Syria

Jul 2019
lol, I love your effort, but I disagree, sadly I have to go teach 5 year olds how to choke each other (jiu jits), so I can't expound right now, that said, I'd be impressed and give you the respect of retorting when I get back if you broke down how. ;)
I kind of debated making Rudy or trump the GOV, because trump's got some of his qualities too, but he's more of a Hedley IMO. He's a dick like Hedley.



oh yeah forgot to add that Obama is Sheriff Bart

the whole premise of the movie is making fun of stupid racists
it's my favorite movie of all time, so if you want to get in a serious discussion, we can definitely start a thread
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Sep 2014
On the outside, trickling down on the Insiders
Big news today is that Trump is pulling US troops out of Northern Syria and giving Turkey his blessing to move in and slaughter Kurds. You, know, the allies in the fight against ISIS.

But I put this thread in PD because the part that most interests me is that this may have been the bridge too far. Even Leningrad Lindsey Graham is shitting all over Dotard for this one.

Tossed Saladin

The Kurds let us down after the Gulf War, when Saddam's army was decimated and the road was open to help finish him off, with help from the Iraqi moderates (hiding wrapped up in the same flying carpet with the elusive Iranian moderates).

Later in this endless clusterfudge, the incompetent Kurds collapsed after ISIS erupted, when Obama had staked his Nobel Prize on the illusion that they were a sufficient force to justify withdrawal. But constant cowardice and dependency on us by our pushover allies is justification for letting them fight their own battles. These small countries or wannabe nations are the attractive nuisances that start many wars, going as far back as the war between Athens and Sparta over some hick town way over near Albania.
Dec 2015
exactly what Erdogan and Putin want.

and it's funny to see Lindsay to all of a sudden pretend to have a spine
Exactly. Suddenly, after the 2016 Russian meddling, Mueller's reports and indictments, Trump's love affair with Daddy Vladdy, Little Rocket Man and Prince Al, the Ukrainian boobs-up, the WALL that won't protect us, the round-robin of failed national security advisors, the hatred for public education (YES! THAT is part of our national security)...........
the GOP's finest are concerned about national security??
Well, that's just SWELL, isn't it?
The only concern the party Kahunas had in the past 2 years is Trump's political security. They don't trust our intelligence agencies (thanks Ron Johnson). They don't trust Trump's OWN people. Never mind the 300+ national security officials who penned their signatures to a letter supporting impeachment. Forget about the huge CUTS Trump has made in the national security staff. Only one party seems concerned that America is flying blind and that another presidential election is looming large.
It hasn't bothered the GOP a BIT that Trump never listens to his intelligence community OR his advisors.
Here's a line up of ALL THE things the GOP wants to forget:
+Escalated tensions with Iran.
+Security clearances given out to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jared and Ivanka.
+Israel's recognition of sovereignty over Golan Heights
+The 16th Anniversary of the Iraq War
+The Mattis job hasn't been filled
+Diplomats have been pulled from Venezuela
+Diplomatic positions all over the world have not been filled.
+Cooperation with UN investigators has stopped
+Guantanamo Bay is still open
+Trump is still fawning over global dictators
+Alienating our allies

BUT hey---Syria!
Maybe if the GOP realized that our biggest national security threat is TRUMP, we'd be better off??
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