One More Chance Is Better Than None

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

Media mouths forget to tell their audiences that Donald Trump won the 2016 election on two issues:

1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

2. Stop illegal immigration.

Somehow, media mouths decided that the Affordable Care Act is a winning hand for Democrats because it was not repealed after six years of promises. In order to beef up a media hail Mary pass, their drumbeat says the economy is the only hope Republicans have tomorrow. The fact is that refusing to repeal the ACA left Republicans with one chance. This is the only chance Republicans have:

Army troops from Fort Riley, Kansas, install protective wire along the Rio Grande at the US-Mexico border on Nov. 2, 2018. Getty Images​

US troops lay down barbed wire along border ahead of caravan​
By Eileen AJ Connelly​
November 3, 2018 | 7:44pm |​
Having said the above I will close with my prediction for tomorrow:

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
2. Stop illegal immigration.
Tucker Carlson dissected immigration to perfection:


Tucker: Elections turn on issues that affect the country

Carlson was also spot-on when he hit Wall Street. A rising stock market only enriches absentee owners.

Carlson hit a 3-bagger when he swung at “nationalist.” His monologue would have been a home run except for this:

How much of a nationalist can he be?​

Trump coming out for the U.N.’s POTENTIAL added a million or two conservative voters to the number of voters who already decided to sit on their hands on November 6.​

I Will Believe Him When The U.S. Is Out Of The U.N.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.

Clearly, I underestimated the parasite class turnout:

“People can call it whatever they want,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Ben Ray Lujan told HuffPost when asked if Tuesday night’s results counted as a wave.​

Parasites unite every Democrat constituency. Yesterday’s elections proved where the parasite class stood, but not where the American people stand when you discount the immigrant vote along with the vast number of parasites living on tax dollars. Every one of them is smart enough to know they were in danger of losing their incomes; most notably the huge amount of tax dollars that supports Television, Hollywood, the education industry, and socialized medicine.

“Tonight we won the majority back. It’s already approaching 30 seats. It may be better than that. That’s a lot of seats, however you measure it. Tonight was very clear where the American people stood.”​

Mission accomplished for Democrats, but not without disappointment​
Kevin Robillard​
Nov 7th 2018 4:09AM​
Also, Paul Ryan contributed mightily to Republicans not running hard enough against Nutso Nancy Pelosi. I can now see there was not enough difference between Paul Ryan’s successor or Nutso becoming the next Speaker to bring conservatives out in force.

It was the Senate’s advice and consent constitutional authority that left the Upper Chamber in Republican hands. Frankly, it remains to be seen how the High Court rules on parasite incomes.

I often said that predicting the outcome of any Supreme Court case involving tax dollars, and/or Wall Street’s income, is a walk in the park. I am an average bumpkin with no special knowledge of the Constitution, yet I can accurately predict the decision in every case involving tax dollars.​
NOTE: Repealing the ACA did not stand a chance when it got to the High Court.​
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was a snap for most Americans BEFORE Chief Justice John Roberts said it was a constitutional tax.​
A Narrow 7-2 Verdict?

Republicans will never run against the XVI Amendment, or democracy, or the welfare state. So come 2020 media mouths will feed the public the same shit they fed them in 2012 and 2016. Turnout is what they sell, not saving this country from the Parasite Class.

Just a reminder that parasites brought down every civilization, every empire, every culture, every prosperous country that ever was. Yesterday’s election results reaffirms my take on parasites. If parasites succeed in turning this country into a welfare state democracy the U.S. is doomed to go the same way.

NOTE: Not one ruling class throughout history ever prevented parasites from destroying their countries. A few ruling classes hung on longer than the others, but the end was always predictable and inevitable.

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