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Jun 2018
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May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Why do you think this is funny? You are still a nation, show some respect to the elders.
To TupSum: Shove your attempt to show your respect for the elderly where the sun never shines. I will wager that you are not concerned in the least for millions infants butchered in the womb every year.

I'm concerned about the empire.
To TupSum: You do not appeared concerned about parasites bringing down empires.

Tom Coburn refers to Republics falling throughout history without mentioning parasites. Coburn is right. This country is going down the same road driven there by the same parasites. Basically, every Republic, every empire, every culture was brought down by parasites.​

Meckler, Coburn, & The Republic

Every time an empire falls, there are world wars.
To TupSum: There were only two world wars. WWI was fought because two empires fought each other. Had Woodrow Wilson minded his own goddamned business WWI would not have been a world war.

The war to end all wars​
There are many factors that contributed to WWI when looked at from a British perspective. Factors like England's determination to prevent Germany from becoming a world power that would challenge the British Empire in commerce, but it is Woodrow Wilson's true motives that American historians should examine in more detail.​
One question: Why was England considered the better ally prior to WWI? In my opinion Wilson's decision was prompted by his own Presbyterian beliefs. In short: President Wilson abandoned this country’s strict neutrality and sided with Great Britain for no reason other than his personal beliefs. At that point in time the United States had never fought against Germany, while Americans had twice fought the British? Soviet Communism, Hitler and WWII were the unintended consequences. Depending upon your point of view, Germany was burned twice by the British/American alliance.​
I am being very brief here because volumes can be written on this subject. I posted huge quantities on the topic and barely scratched the surface. One thing did stand out. I concluded that it was nothing more than a shared language that allowed Wilson to get away with marrying Americans to the British in the minds of average Americans.​
The wisdom of this country's founders is never more evident than in their commitment to neutrality. The Founding Fathers would never have allowed their young country to be sucked into a European war, and a war with religious undertones to boot. Wilson must have known that. The American people knew it and wanted no part of foreign wars; so I had to ask myself why Wilson abandoned neutrality in order to involve the United States in that American tragedy. Oddly enough, the world has been at war continually since the end of the War to End All Wars?​
One Plus For Hitler

WWII was a continuation of WWI.

NOTE: American parasites traded strict neutrality for a one government world the day the United Nations succeeded the League of Nations.

Incidentally, if you worry so much about world wars blame Democrat traitors who tried to hand nuclear weapons to Iran. WWIII is guarantied if Iran gets the bomb.

Finally, world war is a misnomer since a number of countries did not take part in WWI or WWII. The world will not be so lucky in WWIII if touchy-feely parasite freaks get their way.
May 2018
Flanders: Posts like these should get you banned. You have proven to be nothing but a troll who post flame bait constantly. I have no idea why you are still here.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Flanders: Posts like these should get you banned. You have proven to be nothing but a troll who post flame bait constantly. I have no idea why you are still here.
To leekohler2: Everything you do not want posted is flame bait.

If you believe all of my posts are flame bait you are an asshole for responding.

Alyssa Milano demonstrates very eloquently her compassion and why she is a very intelligent person.

I approve of her donating her kidneys. Please do. You act of compassion is noted.
To guy39: I wonder how many body parts Ms. Milano donates to a poor, unknown, person in need?
Dec 2015
Flanders: Posts like these should get you banned. You have proven to be nothing but a troll who post flame bait constantly. I have no idea why you are still here.

Flanders thinks he's special. He loves the catchy titles, talking to himself, writing novels (pure fiction) and patting himself on the back....and he can use my post the next time he joins a dating site. This will come in handy.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
He loves the catchy titles,
To Clara007: Thanks for paying attention. Originality is never easy. In 18 years I had to come up with 7,400 titles without any repeats.

writing novels (pure fiction)
To Clara007: Novel means fiction. Exactly what is pure fiction?

novel (noun)
1. A fictional prose narrative of considerable length, typically having a plot that is unfolded by the actions, speech, and thoughts of the characters.​
2. The literary genre represented by novels.​

Actually, I once posted a satirical novella on a message board that had a WRITING FORUM.

novella (noun)
plural novellas or novelle
1. A short prose tale often characterized by moral teaching or satire.​
2. A short novel.​

I posted it in 12 brief chapters. If I remember correctly several thousand people read it. I assume none had a bumper sticker mentality.

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