One way to look at the impeachment issue

Dec 2015
Or, the Dems know they have nothing of value and would make fools of themselves by trying. As far as I'm concerned, Pelosi is a two-faced twit but, she is right on this issue.
Wait. Let me get a pencil and write that down with today's date and time. Pelosi is right....blah blah.
Aug 2019
Albuquerque, NM
With at least 300 votes on one side of the ledger, I think it can be said that no high stakes issue currently bouncing around Washington has more bipartisan support than not impeaching President Trump.

Even if he is not impeached, an impeachment hearing he can't hide behind executive privilege, and the other sketchy tricks that has been used to try and suppress the issues.
Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
The truth is very simple. The Democrats can impeach all they want, but anything short of video of Trump literally committing murder and trying to hide the body, the Republicans in the senate simply aren’t going to vote guilty. That’s the ball game. Trying to impeach would be a huge waste of political capital and could very likely insure his re-election. How many in the house support it is irrelevant. Until they have 66 votes in the senate. It’s a nonstarter.