Ooops. Gay People Smarter than Straight People???

Nov 2012
Gamma Solaris
you're right - I should have written: No - you see my name and you READ gayness into what I write.

I feel there's a huge difference between having a gay avatar (I don't care who knows I'm gay - I've told my mother, so who am I supposed to be afraid of knowing?) and constantly writing about being gay as the Mustang accused me of doing - and which I heartily deny.
That's not what I really meant...but you have a valid point. Mum freaked out? Tell her you can still marry a doctuh...:lol:


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Jul 2013
North Texas
Hey Poet,

You know damn well you just started this thread to stir the piss. It's OK though, I trust it will be entertaining for a wee bit. Of course, it will ultimately turn into a full-fledged insult fest with you claiming defense only.
True and it gets very boring, really fast. But of course... (I paraphrase) he is informative, isn't he PN?