Over 2 dozen complaints from detained children, including sexual assault

Dec 2018
Migrant kids in Arizona report sex assault, retaliation from U.S. border agents

This report is based on Significant Incident Reports collected by federal workers between April and June. The administration has made no comment on these until last night, the same night they would first be reported on.

The sexual assault described a DHS agent asking a 15 year old detained girl to lift up her shirt in front of all other children, he then felt her breast under her bra, asked her to pull down her pants, then he pulled down her underwear and patted her down. Not being able to understand English, she described the man as laughing and talking to the other guards in a language she didn't understand.

Another complaint described a migrant complaining to a DHS agent that the water tasted of chlorine and the food was not adequate. The agent then allegedly took away the migrants mattress and forced them to sleep on concrete.

These are just two of about 25 seperate complaints coming out of one facility in Arizona.

But will the GOP hold the administration accountable? No.

Conservatives for Cruelty 2020
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May 2018
You don't do a contraband search "in front of all the other children"
Hey, just the first of many excuses we’re going to hear from the right. Some day, every one of these miserable assholes is going to pay for what they’ve done.
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