Paul Joseph Watson Video: Crybabies

Mar 2019
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The cringe age where people with two braincells are being propagated while the intelligent are being hidden from the public.


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May 2018
Biggest crying snowflakes in this country, by a country mile, are the evangelical "christians" who insist THEY ARE THE ONES BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.
Dec 2013
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Then she said "why didn't you let Bernie win the nomination? He could have beaten Trump!"

"Oh No! My ratings are going to tank, and I'll have to accept a lesser amount on my next contract with MSNBC!"

Did you see Jimmy lay everyone out in this one?

I was going to start a thread on it but figured nobody really cared so decided not to

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Dec 2016
Did you see Jimmy lay everyone out in this one?

I was going to start a thread on it but figured nobody really cared so decided not to

Well, I'm a Jimmy Dore Show subscriber, so I've usually already seen it, although he's doing a lot more shows lately than the usual two per week.
When I first started following his weekly KPFA radio show 10 years ago, he and his standup comic buddies doing the show with him were standard out-of-the-box liberal Democrats. But, he started raising a rancor by expecting Obama in power to act on campaign promises and produce or try to produce results on the important stuff. The world of mostly liberal politically active comics started dividing between those who just wanted to 'go with the flow' and those like Jimmy, who were becoming increasingly activist and got behind Bernie Sanders early in the 2016. And this is where a big break happened! Because Jimmy was among a minority of Bernie supporters who didn't accept getting cheated at the 2016 Convention and told "you have to fall in line to stop Trump."

He had already started doing a weekly comedy show for Cenk Uygur's TYT Network, and had a big falling out with Cenk and most of the others there when he started advocating on behalf of Jill Stein and the Green Party whether or not Hillary did the impossible: losing to Donald Trump! Jimmy Dore just of this past week, made a complete break from TYT, and a lot of people (including myself) are surprised that he stuck around this long --- he was frozen out and uninvited onto other TYT shows, but still doing "The Aggressive Progressives" with Steve Oh until last week.

TYT has tried to portray itself as a kind of liberal activist group promoting progressive candidates for Democratic nomination, and getting money out of politics. BUT as they've become wealthier and apparently received some major sponsors, their content has watered down enough that it would be worth asking "Why didn't Cenk just stay on MSNBC if this is how it was supposed to turn out? Along with refusing to fall in line in 2016, Jimmy was in the doghouse for rejecting Russiagate conspiracy theories that establishment figures (even Bernie Sanders) started peddling and promoting also, while everyone demanding to see tangible evidence of the conspiracy was declared anti-American by the new McCarthyists of the Democratic Party!

Where it all goes from here is anyone's guess. But, there seems to be a real cross-partisan divide between authoritarians....why may call themselves liberals or conservatives or whatever, but are quick to fall in line and accept the narratives from trusted sources...even if they continually change, while there are anti-authoritarians on both the left and the right, who don't place unqualified trust in people who are in positions of power! And I think that is where left meets right regarding the Jimmy Dore Show, Scott Horton's Antiwar Radio, and many uncompromising journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Maté, Abby Martin, Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Rania Khalek, Chris Hedges, Sarah Abdallah, Vanessa Beeley and others who've taken hits for not backing away from searching for the truth and reporting on it, even when their editors and station managers demand they stop.