PAY Children To Go To School!

Jun 2018
I know what it is like for all you slave loving capitlaist scum out there. You all want something for nothing. You expect children to learn learn learn (often bullshit) for free. (I say sarcastically) That's right. Crack that fukin whip! Then there is their parent's expense. Such as providing their children with things like shoes. Which as a small child I remember having to a whole summer without. As you might imagine, on rainy days it was even more unplesant.

Like it or not, we live in a push button, instant gratification world. And you expect children to go through 12 years of school work for nothing? That is delusional. Also, many children don't get any sort of allowance. Though as a child, I used to. Every sunday we were given fifty cents to go see a movie. Which wasn't much. What if children were paid to go to school. They would likely do better. It doesn't have to be a lot like an adult would expect. And if I was paid, I could have gone to the movies every day if I wanted. And buy other things besides. Which would stimulate the economy.
It would also get children used to the whole work ethic thing. They do school WORK and they get a salary for it.

Forget the thread about providing a higher education for free. PAY students to go to college! And much more than children would get. To be able to aford things like cars or dating. They will be more likely to go to college. Also, I have heard that there is a shortage of nurses in this country. With that being the case, pay them a little more if necessary to go into that line of study. Soon there would be no more shortage in that regard. Which means that there would be a decrease in what they would be paid to go into that line of study.
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