Pelosi and Schumer confirm they have no intention to stop the invasion at our border

Dec 2006
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They have never oppposed border security.
They have opposed 27 BILLION dollars for a wall which will require BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars per year to maintain - and not do a very good job of its intended purpose.

I'm with them.
Apr 2014
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I you understood the logistics of border protection like the people who actually protect it you wouldn't post such uninformed nonsolutions as ladder tech etc....
Given your previous posts, self-aggrandizing style and inability to discuss any issue like adults, it is not surprising you lack the ability to see any other solutions than the one Trump feeds you.
Mar 2013
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Wonderful, how does it prevent illegals from crossing into the US? The purpose of border security is to stop illegal entry. Then there's always the experimental nature of such devices. Remember McNamara was going to stop traffic on the Ho Chi Minh trails too. Worked out real well didn't it?
There are a couple of gadgets on the border now and have been for over 25 yrs called aerostats. They are tethered blimp shaped balloons with radar and other sensor arrays. Their original intent was to detect low flying light aircraft that were coming over the border at night. An FAA inspector who worked at the Boeing facility in Yuma told me that the gadget detect them just fine. They were never able to catch them.
If you think it'll salve the liberals burning butts to install it to see if any illegals are getting thru the wall, go for it. Build the wall and then have the Lidar system to prove it doesn't work. After all it's just a rounding error in the budget ya know.

Here's a question. The White House is arguably one of THE most secure buildings in the world. Second only to places like NORAD. WHY DOESN'T IT HAVE A FULL WALL ??????????? IF walls are SSSSOOOOO effective why does the WH have little more than a metal fence ??

TECHNOLOGY !!!!! To answer your stupid question. and YOU KNOW it's a stupid position to take because you are not nearly as obtuse as you pretend.

The military has drones that can see people and transmit ultra high res pictures and video to operators hundreds even thousands of miles away. Picture so good that facial recognition software can identify and human can confirm the person in the pictures. They're also equip with other sensors that can detect and identify pretty much anything and everything moving on the ground. A former friend used to work with secrete service when they were in his town. While giving no specifics he said they had equipment that can see, hear, detect and identify an amazing assortment of threats over surprisingly large areas around the president and along his route.

Today even with physical barriers an illegal can be up and over the wall and unless there just happens to be an agent on patrol at that spot at the same time they're in the country.

So imagine a line of drones on patrol along the border. Most would spend most of their time on autopilot flying a programmed route along the border. Each drone would have overlapping detection zones with the drones ahead and behind. LONG before a person or group of people even arrived at the border their movements would have been detected. That drone would then notify an operator sitting in a room somewhere. That person would start the process of determining the actions of the people on the ground. Is it a rancher herding his cattle ? or a group of people moving deliberately towards the border. Since the drone would have over lapping patrols if the operator determined that the group appears to be attempting illegal entry he detaches that drone from the patrol pattern. The adjacent drones move in to close the gap, and the detached drone stays on station tracking the people on the ground. The nearest border patrol agents are notified of exactly WHERE the group is and where it is likely heading. Knowing the area, they can choose the correct mode of transit to arrive at the coordinates supplied by the drone. The "catch" rate would be MUCH higher and possibly agents could arrive in the area before the illegals actually made entry. Imagine just as you're about to jump in the river to swim across there's a bright light and a border agent saying don't do it !!!

Of course if you really want to shut it all down, just arm the drones. Blast the illegals the instant they're on our side of the border. Are we truly prepared to fully militarize the border ??
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Jun 2018
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Given your previous posts, self-aggrandizing style and inability to discuss any issue like adults, it is not surprising you lack the ability to see any other solutions than the one Trump feeds you.
We've been invaded? An invasion is an act of war. The Constitution is clear on Trump's duties. He took an oath. Why hasn't that Russian cock-sucking, draft-dodging Coward-in-Chief counter-attacked? He's had two fucking years and he refuses to attack the enemy? Is Trump just spineless or is he stupid? Why do you think Trump refuses to attack Mexico in response to this invasion??? Do you think Trump is also sucking the cocks of the Cartel leaders? Is that why Trump refuses to counter-attack?
This is you impression of adults discussing issues? This appears to be more like a 10 yr old who just lost at dodgeball on the playground.