Pelosi encourages illegals to buy guns.

Apr 2015
Stockport. UK
Strange your so called "Gun Nuts" want working class people to have access to firearms.

NAZIs confiscated the Guns of working class.
No they didn't, that is an outright lie.
The Nazis actually relaxed some of the the already strict rules on gun ownership, what they did was quite sneaky, they merely banned non citizens from owning guns after they had made Jews non-citizens.
Fact-checking Ben Carson's claim that gun control laws allowed the Nazis to carry out Holocaust
Nov 2018
Inner Space
Awesome. You've just proved you are as far left as the far Righties who claim all Democrats are socialists seeking to shred the Constitution.
The objective evidence is rather clear that the Right has the greatest appeal to White Nationalists, Neo-nazis, and those with extreme reactionary views. No real shock there. Xenophobia, nationalism, paranoia and anger management all characterize many in the pro-gun advocacy so it does not take much to connect the dots.
Feb 2007
New York
Making background checks from illegals trying to buy guns available to ICE mandatory is a better idea actually.
Head em up, move em out.
Pelosi Claims Bill to Prevent Illegal Aliens Buying Guns is ‘Xenophobic’
I would actually take that a step further. I would want the company/software performing the background check to automatically generate am email to ICE when an illegal is flagged in the system. I don't believe that it is a good idea to let them buy guns in the first place. It creates an officer safety issue, should they be picked up.

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