Pence: 'Very disappointing' to see Obama 'become so political'

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Actually socialism can work perfectly fine without “death panels”. It’s the free market health insurance model that needs them.
Gosh, when was the last time we had a free market system 1960?
Dec 2015
Oh, i am sorry. Are not dollars taken out of peoples incomes against their will and then applied to other peoples healthcare?

Did John the brain not vote against the attempt to revise that simultaneously taking monies out of that pool?

Call it whatever you want but it certainly is not a free market system.

You SHOULD be sorry although you aren't.
God forbid that McCain do something as outrageous as THINK FOR HIMSELF and do what was best for the people he represented in AZ. That must be so foreign to people like you--those in the cult...because your world is all about ME. ME first. ME before YOU. Me. AND Mine. The rest can go to hell. That most certainly is YOUR president's view.

Do you know why McCain voted no? It wasn't because Trump made him nauseous although Lord knows Trump DOES make us want to vomit. Here's why McCain voted no.
*Arizona is among the handful of Red states that expanded Medicaid to cover low-income, childless adults. That program, along with new opportunities for coverage through federally subsidized marketplace plans, has provided coverage to half a million Arizonans over the past few years.
*Arizona, has an ever-expanding retiree population, has also seen its health-care sector explode in recent years. Since 2010 it has experienced the fifth-highest health-care job growth of any state.

McCain voted NO because the "skinny repeal" would have destabilized the insurance markets WITHOUT fixing ACA's deep problems--Medicaid cuts--which would have cost MY state over $7 billion dollars. No thanks.
Here's what McCain said: Arizona was about to get screwed.

WOW--what a concept! A sitting senator acting independently because the people in his state came first--not the party and not politics. That must be extremely hard for you to understand.
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Jun 2013
Oh give it a rest, Obama kept this country from sinking into a major depression. I'm really getting sick of you Trumpettes acting like inheriting an economic recovery us somehow a bad thing. That's the only reason Trump has what he has now. We cleaned up your mess after Bush, and we will most likely have to do it after Trump.

And really, Obama is a liar of monumental proportions? Do you really want to go there?

Donald Trump Has Managed To Tell 3,001 Lies As President. Here Are Five Of His Best
Trump’s lies corrode democracy

God, you people have no integrity. I'm damn glad Obama is back speaking out. We need him.
The recession ended on its own in June 2009.

Obama did nothing but tamp down the recovery from that point on.
Jun 2013
Trump lied that everyone will have better, cheaper health insurance.
Didn't Obama tell that same lie over and over?

Obamacare increased the cost of health care for everyone in America and is adding hundreds of billions to the debt and deficit annually.
Jun 2013
You guys are a hoot. Trump did nothing significant.
The trend lines were the same with Obama and after Obama.
It's like a car is driving along at 30 MPH. At some point, the driver switches from Obama to Trump but we're going the same speed.
And Repubs start crowing that Trump did
Economic growth plummeted over 40% in 2016 and consumer confidence peaked in Jan 2015 and was in decline.

The economy has accelerated from 30 to 60 this year.