Pete Buttigieg: who is Alfred E. Neuman? Really! You never heard the name before? 3 min. breakdown during a live Jimmy Dore Show

Dec 2016
Agreed. I think the "victims" of Trump's gradeschool level taunting should rip him a new a-hole. I think Dem politicians should ROUTINELY point out how stupid Trump is, how amazingly low-IQ his comments are. They should do it so often it becomes obvious, a known fact by all and sundry. The Dems, as usual, are missing an opportunity to score points.
They try, but as a group, but are not very effective at it! And I include most of the no talent late show hacks on TV now, they are more out of touch with the general public than Trump is, because their money has put them out of touch with the lower classes, and they don't bother to listen to, or talk to people who would not be welcomed at any of the cocktail parties they attend.

So many people have pontificated about why Hillary Clinton couldn't win against the candidate that she and the DNC wanted to run against TRump or Ted Cruz as their 2nd choice. Trump had no intentions of carrying out a working class agenda, but at least he understood the rhetoric and how to talk to his base of supporters. The Clintons and other top Democrats and their fellow socialite celebrities and TV show hosts couldn't even be bothered to go through the motions!

Many of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 understood that he was a lying, crooked asshole, but at least he was speaking some of their language...not to mention applying the standard rightwing quasi-fascist approach of exploiting divisions within the working class base by targeting Blacks and Mexicans. The Hillarydems put nothing on the table for any of them...even repeating dissapointment in chief - Obama's "America is doing pretty great" line! All those who didn't feel their lives were going "pretty great" didn't see anything for them in keeping them in charge.

So, now there are a whole lot of people demanding something better from Democrats than what they were offered before. It seems pretty clear that Buttigieg, like Biden, like Kamala Harris represents the limits of what the rich and powerful controllers of the Democratic side of the aisle want from a candidate for the White House. They won't accept Bernie Sanders, and what they are most afraid of are antiwar candidates who threaten the military-industrial complex, so the talking heads on TV at night don't even mention Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard or even Mike Gravel...who at a very advanced age, found himself drafted into action by a group of young antiwar advocates who wanted him to at least get into the presidential debates and mention all the wars and the war spending which makes any expansion of domestic spending an impossibility. Remember, even Trump was talking against the wars and the spending/ but has been turned around by the Pompeo's and Bolton's and likeminded Neocons.
Feb 2019
Who is Alfred E. Neuman? Really, Pete! You don't know? No kids at school ever picked up a Mad Magazine or noticed one that had been lying around the house?

Yes, a better reply would have been: "What Me Worry."

Mad Magazine may not be so big now in the internet age like it was in the 60's and 70's, when it was about the only subversive antiwar publication that could get a regular spot on store shelves with the 'respectable' magazines and with the trashy tabloids at the supermarket checkouts, but there's no way he never heard of Mad or their mascot! The editors at Mad may have taken offense at his denial of their mascot (who was a real person in actual fact)

I see zero resemblance. Not really funny.
Dec 2016
I've heard about his resume before, but worth remembering what happened to that other resume candidate in 2016!
And, now that we have the internet, one of the least until the deep state powers turn it into wall to wall propaganda is that it usually doesn't take long to find what perfect candidates have been sweeping under the rug:

Strike one in my view: Mr. Perfect reveals why he got plucked for a White House run as a possible firewall against Bernie and progressives:

Strike two: not everyone is gushing with praise for South Bend Indiana's now former mayor:

What Happened When Pete Buttigieg Tore Down Houses In Black And Hispanic South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Indiana — Regina Williams-Preston got into politics so that the city wouldn’t do to anyone else what the mayor’s big redevelopment plan did to her.​
His program to knock down hundreds of homes in black and Latino neighborhoods like hers smacked of gentrification and ultimately cost her family several investment properties they hoped to repair but couldn’t after Williams-Preston’s husband suffered a serious illness.​
Williams-Preston turned her anger into a successful run for city council. She pushed for more resources and fewer fines for those eager but struggling to renovate vacant homes. She demanded a deeper understanding of how big redevelopment plans can wipe out the fragile capital accumulations in communities of color. And now she is running for mayor, a job that’s opening up because the man behind the aggressive demolition program wants to be president.​
Pete Buttigieg, the improbable, suddenly upper-tier Democratic contender, treats the initiative as an unfailing example of his executive leadership and one that shows why the mayor of South Bend, Indiana (population 102,000), deserves a promotion to the White House. Buttigieg gave himself a nice, round-numbered goal and an urgent deadline: 1,000 vacant and abandoned houses bulldozed or repaired within 1,000 days. Then he finished ahead of schedule.​
“In some ways, it was a classic example of data-driven management paying off,” Buttigieg writes in his recent political memoir. “But the most important impact of the effort was unquantifiable. Hitting such an ambitious goal made it easier for residents to believe we could do very difficult things as a city, at a time when civic confidence had been in short supply for decades.”​
But the story of what happened in between — of an ambitious white leader literally plowing ahead before addressing concerns in the community of color — is not the story Buttigieg, 37, tells. You won’t read about that part in his book. You likely won’t hear about it when Buttigieg, who would be the youngest and first openly gay president, preaches “intergenerational justice,” or Sunday, when he's expected to officially launch his campaign from the city's revitalized downtown.​
The fallout from his approach to urban redevelopment has relevance in a primary where candidates promote economic and racial equality. The “1,000 Houses in 1,000 Days” program promoted neither, at least not at first, in the minds of critics who spoke to BuzzFeed News.​
“He is using that as a flagship,” Williams-Preston said last week in an interview at her campaign headquarters, a house on the city’s northwest side where she works from behind a folding table in a sparsely furnished living room. “That’s cool, but you can’t do it like we did it.”​
Buttigieg has acknowledged some missteps and, to the appreciation of Williams-Preston and others, made changes to make repairing houses an easier and more affordable option.
“I’m not sure we got that completely right,” Buttigieg told the Christian Science Monitor last week, specifically with regard to aggressive code enforcement.

Good luck with the black vote Pete! The evils of gentrification policies that first drive down real estate values in poor, urban neighborhoods and then invite in major investors to tear down everyone's homes and depopulate the neighborhood for new housing that existing renters will never be able to afford, is the modus operandi of nearly every mayor of either party, because The Money owns both parties!

And strike three: Buttigieg is just one of the wannabe's that top Democrats and their financiers are trying to build into a candidate that can stop Bernie Sanders. Remember, the beef the DNC has with Sanders is because of three and only three campaign planks they find out of step with their vision of neoliberal capitalism! Otherwise, they'd have nothing to complain about, since Sanders never spoke against the wars or war spending, and played loyal soldier for Camp Hillary after knowingly being cheated out of the nomination in 2016. But these assholes want more! And that's where a minion who can produce a nice/if misleading resume fits in:

‘Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum

The matter of What To Do About Bernie and the larger imperative of party unity has, for example, hovered over a series of previously undisclosed Democratic dinners in New York and Washington organized by the longtime party financier Bernard Schwartz. The gatherings have included scores from the moderate or center-left wing of the party, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California; Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader; former Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia; Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., himself a presidential candidate; and the president of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden.​
“He did us a disservice in the last election,” said Mr. Schwartz, a longtime Clinton supporter who said he would support former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. in this primary.​
But it is hardly only Mr. Sanders’s critics who believe the structure of this race could lead to a 50-state contest and require deal-cutting to determine a nominee before or at the convention.​
But the peril of rallying the party’s elite donor class against a candidate whose entire public life has been organized around confronting concentrated wealth is self-evident: Mr. Sanders would gleefully seize on any Stop Bernie effort.​
“You can see him reading the headlines now,” Mr. Brock mused: “‘Rich people don’t like me.’”​
Yes, David Brock, you piece of shit! Sanders will be able to blame it on the rich people you feed off of like a tapeworm because that's exactly what you and the other strategists will pull off if the grassroots activists can't stop you and the other assholes who believe working people in America should not control either party in the Duopoly of government!